Luxury Shower Gels with best floral aromas around you

One of the quickest routes to total relaxation is through a bubble bath. And adding a luxury shower gel make it complete. A luxurious scent to the mix and things only get better. From shower to the party we have chosen on the luxury leathers which will have you smelling for. Prep your skin with a few pampering to get a shower which feels just like a holiday.

Heal yourself! Allow your skin to become raw, clean and subtle odor. Here are some of the refreshing shower gels that you must try to start your day.


                          Yves Rocher Jardins

Luxury Shower Gels _ stylegodsThe pleasure of a nourishing shower with a delicate fragrance! Rediscover the pleasure of the soft and delicate Cotton Flower of India with Yves Rocher Cotton Flower from India Soft Shower Cream.


                   Vanilla Butternut Ultra Rich

Luxury Shower Gels _ stylegods

Our body wash gently cleanses your skin. The brew of flavourful vanilla further recharges your spits with an unforgettable fragrance that leaves you smiling through the day.


                       Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 

Luxury Shower Gels _ stylegods

Nothing could be more decadent than sudsing up with a bottle of Chanel. Use it before going out for the night and the sweet scent will linger on your skin all evening long.


                       Hermès Eau D'orange Verte

Luxury Shower Gels _ stylegodsThis body wash has the same fresh citrus-y scent as fragrance and is packaged in a similarly gorgeous emerald-green bottle, both of which will make any bathroom ten times more luxurious.


                            Fresh Life Bath

Luxury Shower Gels _ stylegodsYou will fall in love with the sparkling blend of juicy grapefruit and powdery lilac. It’s just as refreshing and delicious-smelling in shower-gel form.


                      Gypsy Water Body Wash

Luxury Shower Gels _ stylegodsWith its unique scents, minimal packaging, and mysterious fragrance brand. It should come as no surprise that the brand’s body washes are equally chic.

Stay Fresh All Day.

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