If you’ve been reading my work, you KNOW I love Sugarpill’s lipsticks, especially their time release ones. (hey, Trinket!) But apart from having a wide selection of mattes and shimmers, both in regular lipstick and cream lipstick form, there was one thing that the brand was missing. But not anymore. Sugarpill is all set to drop a new collection of lipsticks, labelled, “Love Bites”, which include their new lip glosses!

Of course, in true fashion, madam Trendmood broke the news of the upcoming launch, and we’re all super excited about it! Knowing how well their lipsticks work, it won’t be surprising if their glosses work even better, if not the same.


The new bundle from Sugarpill includes 4 brand new items –

  • Two liquid lipsticks
  • Two lip glosses


The liquid lipsticks are new colours from their hot selling variety – the time release lipsticks. “Time release”, meaning glitter from the lipsticks show up over time, post application. In fact, if you were swatch them and rub them after they dried, you’d see the sparkle come through.


Look extra cute while you kick em to the curb! Our famous time-release liquid lip color formula feature a creamy matte base with rainbow sparkles that shine brighter as the formula sets. Super comfortable and long-wearing!

The new colours are

  • Next – rosy pale nude with rainbow sparkles
  • No Thx – chocolate brown with rainbow sparkles

Moving along, the new comer in the Love Bites bundle, the lip glosses! The brand claims that their new glosses won’t be as annoying as the generic ones.


Sparkling lip gloss with built-in color stain! Forget about old-school slimy glosses that get everywhere. Our lightweight, medium-shine formula offers a perfect blend of pigment and sparkles in a low-maintenance, non-sticky base that won’t catch your hair while you’re tramplin’ on all them hearts.

The initiating shades in this line are

  • Swipe left – neutral rosy pink with rainbow sparkles
  • TTYN – devilish berry with rainbow sparkles

The Love Bites collection is available on the brand’s website. Pick the bundle up for $72, or the items individually for $18 each.

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