Louis Vuitton’s New High Jewellery Collection has a Distinctly Old-World Feel

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house and luxury retail company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories, sunglasses and books brand has got its hands on everything. The brand is known for creating uniqueness and a luxury style products and when it comes to jewellery that brand has always come up to the trust which was expected. Louis Vuitton’s New High Jewellery Collection is blissfully playing with coloured gems which can make any women on this planet go mad to buy it. Just scroll down our gallery and check a few pieces from the collection.

The emblems and insignia of royalty, are the threads that run through Louis Vuitton’s latest high-jewellery collection of the same name. Distilling two of the house’s motifs – the V and the stylised four-petal flower – down to their most basic form, the designs are no longer overtly logo-inspired, as in previous years, but are subtly interwoven into the collection’s 60 pieces. V-shapes are multiplied and fanned out like diamond plumes, while the outline of a flower is softened and warped, even opened up, until it becomes a distinctly art blissed geometric motif.

The latest collection which takes this notion and riffs on it with pieces as subtle as a simple ring sporting a single diamond in its hardstone home, to ingeniously measured, firework earrings that seemingly burst from the earlobe. The house says the collection pays tribute to the modern and confident woman.

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