Cool Kittens In Town: Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington

Louis Vuitton has a renowned history of collaboration and, in recent years, celebrated artists from Jeff Koons to Stephen Sprouse and Yayoi Kusama have left their mark on the Monogram canvas. So how is the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and one of the most celebrated Vogue fashion editor of our times, Grace Coddington different from the past collaborations? Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington celebrates the ease and comfort of grace and her undeniable love for cats. The iconic Louis Vuitton monogram has been given a playful spin by putting small and big kittens which brings out the cheerfulness of Grace for which she is known for. Fashion editor Grace Coddington has raised the stakes on stylish kitties, debuting her “Catogram” capsule collection. Just scroll our gallery and check out their catty collection which you would love to buy for your stylish wardrobe.

Items in the capsule collection, dubbed Catogram, feature Coddington’s whimsical illustrations of her Persian cats, Pumpkin and Blanket. Depictions of Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière’s dog, Léon, appear, as well, along with a few mice here and there. The critters appear on clothing, shoes and leather goods, including silk pyjama sets and LV’s iconic Speedy and Petite Malle handbags.

“I’m very close with Nicolas, and if you’re going to work in collaboration with someone, it has to be someone you see eye to eye with and whose company you enjoy, Each person helps the other. You can’t just collaborate with anyone, and I’ve been proved right because the whole thing is really fun,” said Coddington.

A curated selection of leather goods, ready-to-wear and accessories from the LV Cruise 2019 collection will also be available at the pop-up, as well some NYC exclusives, such as the City Steamer Cabas bag, Laureate Desert Boots and Silk Pajamas in black. Open Monday to Saturday from 11 am – 7 pm and Sunday from 11am – 6 pm, at 3 Ninth Avenue New York NY 10014.

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