Hello Ladies,
All the pollution we come across every day makes our hair dull, frizzy, rough and tangled, which in turn leads to hair fall and other hair problems. Hair oils provide deep nutrition to your hair root while shampoos cleanse off all the dirt and dust from your hair. Conditioners retain an amount of moisture in your hair and give it a healthy luster and smooth texture.  Hair serums create a shield on every strand of hair and protect it from damage due to pollution. Following a regular regime of hair spa is essential to maintain its health and shine. All these in turn provide you the confidence to keep your hair open even for all day long.
Periodic usage of hair tonics and treatments will make sure that your hair remains healthy from inside. They can nourish your hair roots and scalp along with your hair. Hair treatment products control excessive hair fall and stimulate healthy hair growth by removing blockage as well. They improve the tensile strength of your hair and increase hair density. By stimulating the active phase of hair growth cycle, they reverse the effect of harmful substances on hair growth. This induces quick multiplication of hair fiber cells which results in faster development of hair follicles.
While people with dry hair can get benefits from dry hair care kits, those with sensitive scalp must opt for a natural hair care kit that contains ingredients obtained from nature. 
Women today have become more conscious about how presentable and appealing they look. This in turn has given rise to various grooming products, especially for the hair. Well, serum creates a shield on every strand and protects it from getting damaged. You will also find here brands that manufacture serums, which are free from harsh chemicals and made from natural ingredients that will not only offer good results but will last for a long span of time. One special benefit of using a hair serum is that it keeps your hair free from tangles and frizz. This in turn provides a tempt look even after a long tiring day. 
Serums can be used anytime, irrespective of your age. Available for every hair type, there are hair serums for dry hair, damaged hair and also for normal hair. However, you should keep changing the serum with the change in weather.
One day my friend recommended me to use L’Oreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum for smoother and manageable hair, without thinking twice I purchased it, as earlier I was using Biolage Serum though I was satisfied with the results but since I was using this one from a very long time, I decided to try this new serum from L’Oreal.



Price : Rs. 255 (for 100 ml)

L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum works through its anti-frizz and anti-volume action, curbing humidity led dampness of hair while preventing waves or volume from resuming their form. It makes hairs soft, shiny, tangle free and no hair fall at all so full marks for that.  It spreads easily onto my hair since the texture is smooth. When I applied the serum onto my hair, it got absorbed easily and doesn’t make hair greasy although it claims to have argan oil. 
It definitely controls the frizz and it makes my hair smoother for whole day and I love it for that. Overall it’s a good serum as its very affordable compared to other brands, it makes hair smooth, it has nice non-sticky texture, also it contains argan oil and silk protein. Adds shine, controls frizz thus making hair tangle free.
Try this amazing serum from the house of L’Oreal for better and long-lasting results.