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Today I am back with yet another hair care product review which is from one of my favorite brand L’oreal. I believe this particular brand has everything you need to pamper your hair as your hair deserves the best possible care. I have my version of it for my hair. “I was born with thick, lustrous, dark brown, smooth hair, but my negligence ruined it”. The bottom line is, today if I am struggling with all the hair problems, it’s my fault. Thanks to no oiling and all the experiments I have tried on my hair. Needless to say the food habits and my stressful lifestyle. I have to do so much more to take control, also I guess there would be others with the same problem as I have.
With lifestyles becoming hectic and exposure to sun and pollution on the rise, a common concern among most young women today is damaged hair. A great way to bring back the smoothness and shine to your hair is by going for a hair spa. A hair spa treatment is a conditioning treatment that aims at treating rough and dull hair, conditions and relaxes your scalp and improves blood circulation, thus making your hair healthier.
But with hair spa being a costly process, you may not always opt for it. The solution is a hair spa at home with L’oreal professional hair spa products that are easy to use and effective, and in this article I’ll be reviewing L’oreal new hair spa kit.



1. L’Oreal Hair Spa Smoothing Cream Bath:

It helps in keeping hair amazingly smooth and soft also fuss free. It is easy in application. It comes in a big box with wide neck. Easy to remove the quantity you need. Excess can go back too. After using this my hair smells lovely. 
To use, mix with a spa cream and keep on for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.The spa concentrate makes your hair soft and smooth,cleanses scalp and also nourishes and hydrates. It has a very pleasant fragrance that lasts through the day.


2. L’Oreal hair spa serum :

Wash your hair with shampoo. Mix the concentrate with a big scoop of the hair spa cream. Apply with a brush from the roots by separating out sections of hair. Massage the hair roots and distribute the cream evenly along the hair strands (about 20 minutes). Apply steam to the hair for a few minutes. Wash your hair, or if you do not have a hair steamer, a hot towel wrap also works. At times, I even use the hair spa cream without the concentrate.
This is a hair care repairing treatment, especially made for chemically treated and straightened hair, but can also be used otherwise as it helps prevent hair from further damage.The serum deeply moisturizes and hydrates hair, leaving them feeling softer and smoother. Regular use reduces hair fall to a great extent. 


3. L’Oreal Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Shampoo:



Enriched with water lily and purified water, this deep nourishing shampoo intensely nourishes your hair. It gently cleanses and infuses the hair fibre with nutrients and moisture. Your hair feels re-hydrated, soft and shiny.
I personally never liked the shampoo range of L’oreal and for this reason i never recommend them to anyone. But this one made me change my mind. Its amazing.


4. L’Oreal Paris Hair Spa Nourishing Conditioner:


L’oreal Professionel Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Conditioner made for dry Hair Enriched with water lily and purified water, this deep nourishing conditioner intensely nourishes your hair inside and out. Through massage, it detangles and gorges the fiber with moisture and nutrients. Your hair is left rehydrated, soft and shiny.
This hair care treatment is made from hyaluronic which gives required moisture, hydration, softness and smoothness to dry and damaged hairs. It also removes tangles and makes hair manageable. The conditioner locks the hydration, keeping hair moisturized for a longer period of time. It doesn’t weigh down hair and also prevents hair fall to some extent. If your hair is extremely dry and damaged, then this hair masque will work like a charm.
In my opinion its better that you avoid conditioner from this kit or any other conditioner as after a day or two they make your hair frizzy and dry. Its better to go for natural conditioning options like coffee or fresh lemon juice.


To all those who are planning to buy this kit after this review is, the product is great, in fact superb. Try this amazing and effective hair care kit from L’oreal to make your hair healthy.

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