Lashes are the most attractive (and most troublesome) part of a makeup look. It can take a minute to master lashes, but once you’ve got it down, you’re golden. There are a lot of beauty brands out there that cater to lashes and multiple lash styles, but there’s always the trouble of getting your hands on them. So in this post, I’ll be listing a few desi lash brands that will serve your purpose fantastically and are also easy to grab.



A brand by Tina Lakhani, I own about 10 pairs of lashes from Glowmiere. From natural lashes to full drag glam, Glowmiere Beauty has established itself as a pretty popular name in the desi beauty community. Get their lashes either via their Instagram or their website. Glowmiere Beauty also retails on



Established by Sakshi Khatri, Lush Lash is a smaller brand at the moment, catering only 2 styles – Coco and Goddess. But don’t let that rush you into not purchasing from them. I have them in the style Coco, and I’ve received numerous compliments each time I’ve worn them. Purchase their lashes via their Instagram.



This particular reminds me of, and closely resembles House of Lashes – and it’s a HUGE brand. They’ve got numerous lash styles available as singles and in bundles. They also carry their own liquid lipsticks and glitters, so try not to OD on their page. They’re available on Nykaa, Amazon and also have their own website.



Henaa Khandwani is a sweet girl who started off as an Instagram seller, and expanded to her own line – a feat that makes me super happy for her. She has her own line of gorgeous lashes, and something for everyone. Don’t want a dramatic lash? No problem. Choose from a variety on her website. And try REALLY hard not to pick anything else up since her website also has a LOT of items from the international beauty market. All I’ll say is, good luck!



I’ll be honest – I didn’t know who Aashka Goradia was till she got married. And I still don’t know her. But what I do know is that she has a pretty sick false eyelash collection. And they’re available on her website and on Nykaa. And you’ve got a decent selection – take your pick! There’s also a bunch of skin care stuff on her site, so go nuts!

There are multiple lash styles, including Huda Beauty’s available on Nykaa. So go ahead, the world is your oyster. Flaunt those peepers and look fabulous doing so!

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