If you’re a die-hard fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, or have just been sitting on your hands waiting for the iconic Blood Sugar palette to come back in stock, YOU’RE IN LUCK! The Blood Sugar Palette is being restocked on the brand’s web page tonight!



The Blood Sugar palette went viral for all the right reasons – starting from the unique AF packaging to the variety in shades – allowing you to create looks ranging from subtle to full glam.



About Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

From Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Love Sick Collection, the eye-catching Blood Sugar Palette features 18 glamorous eye shadows and pressed pigments within one-of-a-kind packaging. Inspired by first aid kits, the vegan leather palette unclasps to reveal three formulas: matte, metallic, and pressed glitter for beautiful looks that transition from day to night.

About the Shades

  • Glucose: Pure white with a matte finish
  • Sugarcane: Cool tone brown with a matte finish
  • Cake Mix: Light brown with a matte finish
  • Ouch: Camel brown with a matte finish
  • Donor: Bronze pressed glitter pigment with a foil finish
  • Intravenous: Chocolate brown with a matte finish
  • Candy Floss: Cotton candy pink with a metallic finish
  • Tongue Pop: Soft tangerine with a matte finish
  • Sweetener: Golden peach with a metallic finish
  • Cavity: Hot pink with a matte finish
  • 0 Positive: Muted gray-brown with a matte finish
  • Root Canal: Violet with a matte finish
  • Prick: Candy apple with a matte finish
  • Cherry Soda: True red with a matte finish
  • Fresh Meat: Dark mulberry with a matte finish
  • Blood Sugar: Rusty red with a metallic finish
  • Extraction: Plum burgundy with a matte finish
  • Coma: Eggplant with a matte finish

Why It’s Special

  • Features a mixture of bright and neutral eye shadow shades with a variety of finishes for extremely versatile looks
  • Deeply pigmented colors with a variety of transition shade options creating extra depth for perfectly blended smoky eyes
  • Large eye shadow pan size for color that will last for months


The Blood Sugar Palette comes back in stock on the 26th of October, 2018 at 10 AM PST (10.30 PM IST – TONIGHT!)

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