Lisa Frank Designs For Reebok In Rainbow Style And Colours

Lisa Frank, your favorite unicorn brand, is back and better than ever. Any nineteens, fun loving girl can purchase Lisa Frank pajamas, tarot cards, and makeup. And now, two power houses of the early aughts are teaming up. Lisa Frank designs for Reebok are your dream sneaker. Now, there are a few colorful kicks to proceed along with your Lisa Frank pajamas and greeting cards.

Lisa Frank designs for Reebok _ stylegods Collaboration is a timeless leather sneaker with a very colorful twist. The kicks are coated with colours like neon pops of roses. It also includes tongue-wagging pups, and precocious kittens, and signed with her with silver markers.

Lisa Frank designs for Reebok _ stylegods To take things up to a notch  the laces on the shoes are multicolored too. Classic sneakers with a ’90s rainbow animal and sequin-filled twist.

Lisa Frank designs for Reebok _ stylegods Lisa said had she was always a sneaker girl and she always was on watch for fun new styles. She always like these colourful things and experiment them also. With all her experiments she succeeded as every time people loved them.

Lisa Frank designs for Reebok _ stylegods Even though Lisa Frank fans went crazy at the sight of the kicks. From golden retrievers to rainbow spotted leopards, Lisa’s designs definitely represent her love not just for travel, but for animals as well. These shoes are really very comfortable and you will enjoy running, jogging and roaming around with these shoes.

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