The internet is a genie in disguise. How else would we have known that little Harper Beckham looked super chic at London Fashion Week. It may have been Victoria Beckham’s fashion show, but it was the 7 year old’s time to shine.

On Sunday, the Beckhams (including one of the Beckham’s boos) attended the London Fashion Week to support mama B. They sat next to the editor-in-chief of VOGUE, Ms. Anna Wintour. And little Harper totally matched bobs with Wintour.

harper beckham / anna wintour
london fashion week

In January, Victoria shared a video on her Instagram of her daughter getting a “chic little French bob”. However, it seems the inspiration behind the chop was more British than French.

Wintour wore a blue leather trench coat with a printed dress and her signature sunglasses for the show. While Harper was dressed in all black – which the EIC doesn’t appreciate.

the beckhams
london fashion week

Both parents noticed the cheeky resemblance and poked fun of the situation. David posted a story on his Instagram, asking who wore it better. While Victoria shared a photo saying “Fashion!!,” with Harper posing like the head of the fashion magazine with black sunglasses and on the phone.

The smallest Beckham is clearly a fashionista in the making, considering how ‘posh’ her mum is. (did you get it?)

Who knows? Maybe one day, instead of becoming a designer, she’ll probably be Editor-in-Chief!

victoria beckham
London Fashion Week

This fashion show was an important one for the Beckham brood as it was also used to relaunch Victoria’s YouTube channel. The former singer told Variety, that she hopes to, “build a sense of community with an amazing group of collaborators” with her channel.

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