Laura Mercier is a pretty big brand. And when big brands have new products introduced, everybody hears about it. I recently came across a post on Trendmood’s Instagram, where she talked about the Laura Mercier lip powders being available on Nordstrom.

And I was like, what lip powders? I rushed to the brand’s Instagram to see all the info. But I found nothing. I even googled lip powders, hardly found anything mainstream. Didn’t even see it on their website. And then I stumbled upon the Lord & Taylor website.

Apparently, Laura Mercier does have a limited edition lip powder. Maybe I was too distracted whenever it was announced. But either way, the lip powders are a thing


A Limited Edition creamy matte lip powder trio with a metallic sheen. Comes with a moisturizing Base Balm to prep the lips. The weightless, velvety texture is designed for comfortable wear. Shades can be worn alone, mixed or layered for customizable looks. For added comfort prep lips with Base Balm. Made in USA.


This trio of lightweight lip powders delivers high-impact color. The creamy powder transforms lips with a matte finish and intense metallic sheen.


  • Apply Base Balm to lips with finger tips or Lip Color Brush.
  • Using a brush or fingers, apply Velour Lip Powder directly on top of Base Balm. A brush will create a more defined lip look. Alternatively, fingers will create a softer effect.
  • Use a pressing motion to easily pack pigment on lips. Continue adding layers for more intensity.
  • Use one shade alone or layer multiple shades to create more depth.
  • For more hydration, add Base Balm on top of the lips.

The Laura Mercier lip powders come in 2 shades – New York and Paris. And they retail for $28 each.

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