When talks are going around about your marriage, things are getting arranged. Panditji is called to finalize the ‘Shubh Mahurat’, the Catering team is hassling with deciding the menu and also arranging the team for decoration, etc. Phew! But in between the rush, you cannot forget the unique engagement ring that you have promised to give your lady love. Yeah! Don’t you want to kneel in front of your lady-love before you push the glorious-looking diamond ring in her delicate fingers? Do you want to miss that shine in her eyes that will dazzle the whole evening in your memory while she smiles at you and as you both ‘Get Engaged’?

Let your lady be all surprised and smiling as you ring her for eternity!

Does gifting a ring make every eye glue on you?

As soon as the news spreads that you have bought a lakh rupee engagement ring that crowns a 24-carat diamond as a heart, the buzz goes around like wildfire. Till the engagement day doesn’t come, the continuous gossips make your day even more fulfilling and worth remembering. Imagine the moment when your family member or friend opens the diamond box for you so that you could ring your lady love. All the eyes seem glued for the major dazzle to beautify your lady love’s finger. So, be it any unique engagement ring or most expensive engagement rings. You’ll be deemed to call attention and get adored for your choice of purchase.

So, let’s check out how special is the engagement ring which you have bought…

Love makes everything look special and cute. So, be it your grand wedding plans or an engagement ring. You need to buy something unique which doesn’t look just like anyone’s common ring. As she is going to be yours, her bestie i.e. ring from you, will make your story even shinier and smiling from the beginning.

Let’s know which all unique engagement rings can you might bill for your lady…

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So, be it an engagement ring or a unique wedding ring- you have got the choices above. Be ready to pay as your lady picks the most unique engagement ring from the display.

Does The Ring Say It All?

Well, when it comes to jewelry, it should define your style and swag! So, when you are out to buy your most unique ring, it needs to be special. Here are some tips, before you head for local bridal jewelry shops or stores.

Jewelry Material Used

While you choose a design that stands timeless on your beloved’s finger, you also need to consider which type of material the ring gets shaped into. Be it platinum or silver, the final look should be decent enough so that your lady would love it every day. According to recent research in the United States, it was seen that 75% of would-be brides love to receive engagement rings made of gold and diamond.

Jewelry Customization

Looking for something quirky but suits your preference? Opt for jewelry customization from a shop or store that you rely on. According to the changing trends and fashion, ladies are opting in for customization. Knotes, nets, studs, and the list goes on. You can easily get a customized and unique engagement ring which also that has names inscribed on it.


Traditional Designs are Back!

Even if you might look to buy love bands later for you both, you can also appreciate buying traditional designs when it comes to unique engagement rings. Designs like a name engraved, bands, classic solitaire, white and yellow gold, and more. So, you have the options open.

Consider 4 C’s

Well, things can turn out okay or doubtful if you do not know your spouse’s choice. It can so happen that as you start to grab her finger, she looks up to the ring and starts to stare at you. Even you can note the unhappy smile which she might wear if she doesn’t happen to like the ring. But she cannot express her emotion in front of so many people. So, for a safer ride, you need to look up to 4C’s. This includes the diamond’s Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. So, be double sure before buying…


This is the major player for everything. Be it your engagement day or wedding day-things play an important role. Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores classify wedding rings and other jewelry according to the budget you set apart for your special day. And, remember the amount of spark you want to dazzle for your special occasions judiciously gets based upon the budget. So, be genuinely good towards this.


Have You Started Saving for D-day?

Ohh, before your D-day arrives in a golden chariot. You must look into your bank balance for the lavish arrangements which you are planning for. Starting from preparations to gifts to diamond rings for your lady. Remember, it is a symbol of your love and commitment. Women like to flaunt their only loved jewelry which they take pride in. Even so, many ladies have certain designs favorability in their minds before they step out. And, if by any chance they weren’t able to get that desired design for their fingers, be prepared to buy a new one soon.

How Much Do You Have to Spend on a Unique Engagement Ring?

It is prescribed that a guy needs to spend his 2 months’ hard-earned salary straight for buying an engagement ring. But, is it untrue? Even if you are keen on buying a unique engagement ring, it should be meaningful and not expensive. You guys need to have a mutual understanding which will push you to choose an expensive one or go for a simple band type. The choice is yours.

wedding ring

There are several things you need to keep in mind, but most important is that you cannot buy your wedding ring in debt. Yes, this should not be the deal. You have your whole future waiting for you. And thus, there will be many more occasions when you can buy expensive gifts for your wife.

Remember, you cannot put yourself into a neck-engrossed debt. One should know his or her limits and how much expense one can handle. Things like financial ability are much looked up here. This includes:

  1. Current income
  2. Savings
  3. Expense
  4. Potential income

So, all in all, let the love judge your compatibility with your partner and not expensive wedding rings. Remember, this journey can have many u-turns. But, if you have a better understanding between you both, everything will become simple yet sophisticated just like the ring.

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