Lace Shorts for men are the latest fashion trend or maybe not

Lace Shorts design intrigues few people, others seem confused

Lace Shorts earned quick attention by the word of web after a few days of its online release. Hologram City, a brand known mostly for producing mesh clothing often worn by pop stars, debuted the new item through internet this week. Hoza Rodriguez designed the shorts entirely out of lace with no opaque fabric underlay, the $49 shorts are see-through and come in a variety of pretty pastel colors.

Lace shorts
Hologram City certainly means to push boundaries. The brand produces a lot of revealing club- and street-wear. Its mesh shirts and pants have been seen on the kinds of stars who like to raise eyebrows. Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Kylie Jenner BFF Jordyn Woods, and Fergie have all been seen in Hologram City designs.
But the company’s tagline — ‘Don’t fkn mesh with us’ — hardly prepared anyone for its ultra-feminine and ultra-revealing new men’s clothing. The shorts come in pastel green, pink, blue, purple, and yellow. They would probably look like the kind of thing one might find at a preppy country club — except for a major, head-turning difference.

lace shorts
Lace shorts are made entirely of floral lace and are completely see-through, flaunting the tight underwear of the models who wear them on the website. The shorts quickly caught the attention of major publications, blogs, and the Twitterverse. Thus, spawning countless jokes. Many men didn’t jump the ship on board fearing they’d be called names, and asked if they’re wearing a women’s over-sized underwear.



One person joked ‘Not sure what direction this new Power Rangers is going…’


lace shorts



lace shorts
Despite some head-shaking across the internet, though, not everyone is laughing. In fact, the shorts seem to have quite a few fans. With people remarking that they’d ‘love a pair’ and others weighing in on which color they’d choose. ‘Why is it so ridiculous that men want to dress in a way that ppl consider feminine? Like? Chill,’ wrote one woman on Twitter.


In mid-May, the internet went wild for the male rompers. The response to the RompHim was varied. Writer Jared Michael Lowe penned an excellent piece for Teen Vogue about how clothing and black masculinity are intertwined that’s worth the read. Speaking about the social media backlash on RompHim, the makers weren’t discouraged. However, they added: ‘With any new fashion, there will be supporters and critics, but we look forward to using the feedback to continue to make standout clothing.

lace shorts
Most noteworthy, people often don’t react to the sight of women in menswear and neutrals, but if you put a boy in a pink floral skirt, and you might have chaos on your hands.


In conclusion, ‘All that really matters to us is that those wearing the RompHims are confident and comfortable with their own styles. That’s part of the fun of fashion’

You can order a pair of Lace Shorts at the link below:

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