Ever since Kylie Cosmetics has launched, each year in August, fans of the brand await for the CEO’s coveted birthday collection. And this year, the youngest Jenner is ringing in her 22nd birthday with a money-themed birthday collection that is making everyone feel poor AF. But I mean, if you’re a billionaire, you’ve got to live the billionaire life, amirite?


Teasing the launch on Instagram, while donning a cash-printed off-the-shoulder Moschino dress, little Jenner asked fans if they could guess what the theme was.

One fan aptly stated, “Theme is: All the money I don’t have.” And a lot of people agreed to feeling the exact same sentiment (including us, ngl) However, some fans thought the whole $ idea is pretty tacky looking, and insensitive. *shrugs*

The Billionaire birthday line consists of numerous items. Of course, we see a new eye shadow palette, “You’re $o Money Baby” which has the new Kylie packaging. The colour story of the palette is a whole lotta shimmers that are so gorgeous, I want them on my face STAT.

Other items include Kylie’s “Kylie” lip kit being dropped in a velvet formula rather than the old matte. There is also the inclusion of a gloss, and 3 matte lipsticks.

  • Mama Boss – matte vibrant hot pink⠀
  • Hustle Honey – matte mid-tone pink⠀
  • Money Mindset – matte pale peachy pink⠀

Furthermore, the matte lipsticks come in a rather interesting cash roll box.

Two of the brand’s well-loved shimmer eye glazes are also included in the 22nd birthday collection.

  • Dime Piece
  • Money Ain’t Everything (I bet everyone in the Kar-Jenner household had a good giggle over this name)

There are also 3 Jelly Kylighters and a loose illuminating powder. To make matters more glowy, there is also the involvement of a pressed body glow. The body glow is emblazoned with a huge $ sign – reminding us that the body glow costed a bit of coin.

Kylie also included a face primer and the brand’s first ever Kyliner liquid liner pen. We still haven’t seen a sneak peek of the liner yet! And that is the item I’m pretty excited about! The 22nd Birthday Collection drop coincides with the young billionaire’s birthday – August 10th. So if you’re about the dolla dolla bills life, set your alarms. (or have your butlers wake you up, whatever)

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