If there’s anybody who loves a good tease, it’s Kylie Jenner. The reality star loves dropping surprises and sneak peeks of whatever is about to come next. Back in February, she teased fans a new product that was about to hit shelves. And fans caught on! The product? Kylie Setting Powders!

According to Baby Jenner, the powders were hard work. In an Instagram story she revealed that she is “really, really proud of this product.”

Following in Fenty Beauty’s footsteps (we wouldn’t have it any other way), the new Kylie Setting Powders come in a plethora of shades. Encased in a circular baby pink packaging, the powders also have a sifter.

The different shades are

  • Translucent
  • Soft Pink
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Dark
  • Deep Dark

The powders are described as velvety smooth and weightless. And you can use them in a number of ways – to set your makeup, balance oils and provide a natural, skin like finish.

The darker Kylie setting powders can also be used to sculpt those cheekbones. Filler who?

So far, the brand has shared pictures of four of the powders on models – and everybody is excited. Especially for the shade “Soft Pink”.

The Kylie Setting Powders roll out on the 7th of March. Snag them from the Kylie Cosmetics website for $24 each.

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