For Gen Z, Kylie equals Kylie Jenner. But for the rest of us, KYLIE only stands for the one true queen, Aussie singer-songwriter Kylie Minogue – and we can’t get her out of our head. *cue the na na nas*

After a major legal battle with her fellow namesake, US reality star, Jenner, over the acquisition of the KYLIE trademark (which Minogue won), she’s finally launched her makeup brand. Let me not be the first to say this out loud – it looks a LOT like Kylie Cosmetics. (which could be a jab at her opponent, or maybe not.)


Trendmood was the first to drop news, since Minogue’s brand doesn’t have a social media presence of it’s own – which is weird, because it’s the age of social media. (Remember all the hype Jaclyn Hill built up?) But aside from social media, the brand doesn’t even have a separate webpage to it’s name. (what is up, Kylie?)

Let’s quickly touch the packaging of KYLIE. One word – unimpressive. But for those of you who prefer colourful packaging, it’s probably right up your alley. I prefer insanely aesthetic components – and I end up paying for it too. According to the post by Trendmood, there are four items available in the line as of now.

  • Lip Oil in Wow
  • Lip Gloss in Raining Glitter
  • Eye To Cheek Glitter in Stay Golden
  • Lip To Cheek in Wild Rose
  • Magnetic Electric Eyeshadows in purple, teal, pink

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‘So, come on, come on Do the Loco-motion with me…’ ???? #kylieminogue launches her own Beauty line with fun, bright colors on the packaging ???which includes: 1. Lip Oil in Wow 2. Lip Gloss in Raining Glitter 3. Eye To Cheek Glitter in Stay Golden 4. Lip To Cheek in Wild Rose 5. Magnetic Electric Eyeshadows in purple, teal, pink . And some Merchandise Available Now online @kylieminogue . . #Madness ? who would u like to see come out with their own cosmetics line? THOUGHTS?! ?? #Trendmood THANK U to our HOT ? makeup community for all the updates ? . . #makeupartist #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #makeuplover #motd #fashion #instabeauty #beauty #bblogger #bbloggers #beautyblogger #makeup #makeuptalk

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And while scrolling through IG, I, like everybody else, thought this was something by Kylie Cosmetics. And to quote MannyMUA, “Deaddddass thought this was more Kylie Cosmetics summer ?”.

Beauty enthusiasts aren’t exactly happy with what they’re seeing. And it’s understandable. Because if you has won a lawsuit against a Kar-Jenner, you best be knocking it out of the ball park. But maybe the quality of the products themselves is great – we don’t have any word on that as of now.

“But Minogue sounds like the PERfect name for a makeup line…not “Kylie.””

“Why does this look like it was made in a hurry”

However, some people think differently with regard to KYLIE.

“The only kylie we care about”

“People don’t realize that @kylieminogue has a huge following and presence in Australia and Europe. That will probably be her target audience. Just because people here aren’t as familiar with her doesn’t mean she won’t do well.”

“The OG Kylie! I love all the fun colors and that she didn’t go with neutral colors.”

Kylie Minogue’s line is available to shop online, but I’m not sure which places it ships to at the moment.

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