You must’ve read the post on KKW Beauty’s Valentine’s Collection. (You didn’t? Boo.) But if you did, did you think she was the only Kar-Jenner sister to drop a collection? Of course not. Sis Kylie, true to Kylie, is giving us a pretty impressive V-Day entourage.

The campaign consisted of Kylie serving us Gatsby Glamour adorned with carmine and sequins.

Kylie Cosmetics’ V-Day collection will make you fall in love with it. They’re giving us lip sets, an eyeshadow palette and a cute li’l blush. Oh yes, a glitter shadow too.

My favourite part is the packaging – all those cute li’l bras. Desi aunties will be mad. But WHO THE HECK CARES?

kylie cosmetics

The lip sets consist of a matte lipstick, a lip liner and a gloss.

The Love Set

Wish You Were Here Matte Liquid Lipstick

You Are A Gem Lip Liner

Sweet High Gloss

The Soulmate Set

Call Me Matte Liquid Lipstick

Beau Lip Liner

Blow Me Away High Gloss

The Forever Set

Build to Last New Matte Liquid Lipstick

Forever and Always Lip Liner

Story Of Us High Gloss

The Pressed Powder Palette, aka the Valentine Palette is your ultimate catch. Full of romantic pink and peach hues, the palette is all you need to create a date night look.

Speaking of peach, the collection also has a beautiful baby peach blush – Crush. And she’s gonna help you fake that coyness.

For that extra oomph, we also have a Glitter Eyes – Roses are Red. A brilliant baby pink with intense shine and reflects. Dayum.

Shop the entire collection on the 1st of February on

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