When it comes to the subject of eyeshadows, nothing is better than a personalized palette. Because, lets be honest, we’re not going to love all the eyeshadows in a palette. Often, we wish there was something else in place of particular colours. Well, you’re in luck.

Kylie Cosmetics dropped brand new singles from their eyeshadow collections and a few new ones. So you can pick and choose the shades you love for yourself.

The Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow singles are highly-blendable, pigmented pressed powder shadows in a creamy texture, available in multiple finishes. Each shadow comes individually packaged, allowing you to remove the pan and insert into your Kylie Professional Palette with ease, to create your own customized palette filled with your favorite matte and metallic shades.



Unwrap Me is a matte burgundy red.

Turning Violet is a matte deepened violet.

Topaz is a matte finish true taupe.

Sweet Like Honey is a soft warm honey.

Starfish is a matte soft papaya.

Slay is a metallic bright true gold.

Sandy is a matte finish medium tan.

Royal is a satin finish bright royal blue.

Raspberry Sugar is a metallic rose bronze.

Quartz is a metallic finish light gold.

Pyrite is a metallic finish olive green.

Party Time is a matte light dusty mauve.

New Year New Me is a metallic red plum.

Matcha is a metallic blue green.

Ma$e is a matte pomegranate.

Loves Me Not is a matte plum grey.

Love Potion is a satin hot pink.

Lightyear is a matte neon yellow.

Jasper is a matte finish creamy beige.

Jack Frost is a satin white with gold shimmer.

Island Girl is a metallic bright teal.

Hematite is a metallic finish chestnut brown.

Goddess is a satin finish brick red with red pearl.

Frosty is a metallic finish platinum silver.

Buzz Off is a metallic champagne taupe.

Blizzard is a satin shimmering mauve with blue green flip.

Bible is a satin deep plum.

Sunshine is a satin warm yellow.

Marry Me is a metallic warm silver.

Blue Honey is a matte deep-sea foam green.

Bat Sh*t Crazy is a metallic marigold.

Need a Tan is a matte burnt orange.

Trophy is a pearlized bronze taupe.

Sister is a matte warm brown.

Dirty Wine is a metallic rose gold.

Beach Babe is a metallic icy topper with gold flecks.

Bikini Mama is a metallic shimmery brown.

Does it Come in Black is a matte finish black.

LIT is a metallic dirty gold.

Pre-Game is a matte warm beige.

Stone is a matte cool tone taupe.

Hungover is a metallic pewter with silver sparkle.

Best Witches is a metallic blackened olive with multidimensional pearl.

Turks and Caicos is a metallic turquoise.

Butter Rum is a matte neutral brown.

Lost Without You is a metallic sapphire.

Caribbean Girl is a metallic light olive.

Gingersnap is matte mustard yellow.

Martini Mama is a satin champagne pink.

Juicy is a metallic bright orange.

Pool Day is a matte light apricot.

Summer is a metallic yellow gold.

Heat Wave is a metallic orange copper.

Pour Decisions is a matte merlot with blue sparkle.

Tequila Tangerine is a matte pale tangerine.

Vanilla on Vanilla is a matte pale peach.

Shop the Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Singles for $7 on the brand website.

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