Kourtney Kardashian Focuses On Clean Beauty In Video With VOGUE

Everybody (secretly) has a favourite Kardashian-Jenner sister. Mine happens to be the oldest (and somehow, the shortest) Kourtney Kardashian. In a Beauty Secrets with VOGUE, the reality star spills her beans. She repeatedly stresses on the importance of clean beauty.

A fresh faced, glowy skinned Kourtney kicks off her routine with a mask. She uses a detoxifying, clarifying mask. And mixes it with honey. “You can mix it water, you can mix it with anything,” she explains as she gets ready to put her face mask on, using a fan brush!

“I love EWG’s app, called ‘skin deep’, where you can tell what is safe, and not safe.” Kourtney admits to becoming obsessed with the products she put on her children’s skin, and eventually, her own. “It’s up to us as consumers, to try and figure out what is safe, and not safe.”

Mid mask, Kourtney Kardashian mixes equal parts of honey and coconut oil, and tops it off with organic sugar. Voila, lip scrub ready! Sipping on her Avocado smoothie in between, Kourtney uses a muslin cloth to clean up her face and lip mask.

Using a tea tree and witch hazel pad to tone her skin, and plumps it up using a hyaluronic acid serum. She also opts for a Caudalie face mist to combat dehydration. And finally, face oil. Of course, she doesn’t skip sun screen, no matter what the weather!

A tip she picked up from sister Khloe – apply remaining sun screen to your hands!

For makeup, the reality star mixes 2 shades of the Oxygenetix foundation. And she says she makes her artists use them too! She also prefers applying them with her hands. Her favourite concealer is by Make Up For Ever. Grabbing a mini beauty blender, she blends her concealer in to perfection.

Kourtney bronzes and contours her face using the same bronzer. And also uses sister Kim’s contour sticks to add that extra chisel. To set, she loves using Laura Mercier.

Next up, lashes! Curl and add volume. For the lips, she uses Dolce K by Kylie Cosmetics to overline and dabs on a little RMS Magic Hour Lipstick.

“(Kim and Kylie) are both serving my different makeup needs.”

Kourtney also mentions that her daughter loves makeup and she tries to keep her beauty as clean as possible.

Finishing off with the RMS luminizer, Kourtney Kardashian bids us farewell, looking radiant AF.

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