Celebrity beauty lines have become the latest norm in the industry. Literally anyone who has existed either on the big screen, or is ~sorta~ big on social media is spearheading their own lines. The latest diva on the docket is none other than Bollywood starlet, Katrina Kaif.

In collaboration with Nykaa, Kaif has recently dropped her own beauty babe – Kay beauty – and it’s actually pretty interesting. The concept of Kay revolves around the hashtag #ItsKayToBeYou, which sounds pretty synonymous with Fenty Beauty’s take on inclusivity. Considering how non inclusive most desi-bred brands are, Kay Beauty might be a breath of fresh air, and the diversifying line we need. However, it’s too early to tell since the first launch doesn’t include a complexion line.


First, let’s talk products. The items included in the debut collection consist of pieces you can use to create a ‘3D Lip’. The pieces? Lip liners, lip crayons and a lip gloss topper. In fact, Kaif also flaunted her babies at the VOGUE India awards recently. Great move, K. Or should I say, Kay?

Kay Beauty
Source: Tumblr

Other items in the newly launched line are brow pencils and different types of kajals – Kohlstar, Ink Artist Gel and High Drama. (The cataloguing on Nykaa is an utter travesty. Going through the pieces made my head hurt.)

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Kaif had two main aims with Kay Beauty.

  1. The makeup had to be long lasting.
  2. It HAD to be good for skin. Which is why, you notice the inclusion of chamomile and marula oil.
Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif
Source: Nykaa

The campaign video, however, is a different story altogether. Kaif managed to rake in pretty iconic names for her promo shoot. Kaif herself is present in the campaign along with the likes of Saina Nehwal, Nayanthara and IG baddie Kusha Kapila. The promo film definitely brags some form of inclusivity, but we will only know for sure once Kay Beauty expands it’s pieces.

However, there is one thing we must get off our chests. Katrina may be talking about #ItsKayToBeYou, but one can’t deny that Kaif is no Kylie Jenner. Long before baby J kick started her beauty company, there were promos, videos, shoots – IG was FULL of Kylie Cosmetics. I don’t follow either, but I knew when KC was dropping. As far as Kay is concerned, I had absolutely NO idea. Kaif definitely needs to push the art of promoting her pieces. Swatches, snazzy PR, in depth conversations about her line – we need it all.

Kay Beauty runs pretty decent when it comes to pricing, so if you think the line is something for you, pick them up here. Moreover, check out more collections by desi celebs like Lara Dutta and Masaba Gupta.

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