Sephora is an ever-growing brand in it’s own. The company and beauty brand is constantly adding newer brands to it’s prestigious shelves, one of them being Kaja Beauty. If you remember reading about their roll on highlighter, you know that this particular brand takes their products very seriously. Moreso, their packaging is always something I look forward to. Whether it’s rolls ons or stamp pieces, Kaja takes the cake on ingenuous components. Their recent piece, however helpful, isn’t all that original. Read on to find out.


We’ve all struggled with eyeliner – getting them even, wanting to go subtle but accidentally becoming a drag queen. All of us also have a bunch of horror stories when it comes to these pesky wings. The lack of patience or an unsteady hand can take anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes when it comes to eyeliner application.

Kaja’s newest babe, the Wink Stamp, makes it easier to master your wings – whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Just wing it! This double-ended wing stamp makes it super easy to get perfect winged eyeliner in seconds. The accompanying liquid liner pen hugs the lash line for smooth and seamless application.  The formula is smudge-proof, waterproof, and longwearing.  Stamp, line, repeat, wink!

Kaja Wink Stamp
Source: Brand

BUT, if you’re someone like me, you know this design isn’t original. We’ve seen it with the “Quick Flick” – another brand that started the trend of stamping on your liners and connecting. Having said that, there’s space for everyone at the table.

The aesthetic of the Wink Stamp stays true to Kaja Beauty. And it retails for $25. Getting your hands on this babe is close to a challenge, I’ll admit. Find it on Sephora US, and contact your aunt sitting there to grab your Wink Stamp!

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