Juvia’s Place sent waves throughout the industry when they dropped their I Am Magic Complexion line. The foundations and concealers brag a very inclusive line, and the formula received a very warm welcome. Everybody who has tried the line has given rave reviews, and we’re super happy.

But Juvia’s Place DID mention that this wasn’t going to be their only rodeo. We’re all aware of how great their shadow palettes work. Coupled with the success of the I Am Magic line, the brand is unstoppable. And they’ve given you the one thing you were missing – setting powders!


From the iconic I AM MAGIC collection from Juvia’s Place comes their newest mould-breaking formula — the new Loose Setting Powders. Crafted for every beautiful shade of the skin rainbow, the I AM MAGIC Setting Powders come in 5 shades designed to extend the all-day wearability of every look — from an everyday natural feel to full on fantasy glam! The setting powders can be used for setting foundation, concealer and brightening.


One thing I really like about the range is that it doesn’t feel forced, and isn’t OTT. (Remember the 100 foundations by PUR? But that formula won too, so we’re not complaining. However, you’ll admit, 100 is a rather overwhelming number.)

  • White Sand – fair to light skin tones
  • Sahara – light to medium skin tones
  • Kalahari – medium to tan skin tones
  • Gobi – dark to deep dark skin tones
  • Namib – deep dark to deepest dark skin tones

The I Am Magic Setting Powders retail for $12 each. You can snag your shade here.

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