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Most men are unsure about which trouser style would suit them. Then there are those nightmares about wearing something that is outdated and will repel women. When it comes to trousers for men, there are two basic rules that the wearer must never forget, firstly mid-rise is your friend, and secondly, unless you belong to 90’s boy band, don’t go for something too baggy or slouchy!
Today the demand in men’s trousers is more for a lean, slim looking silhouette. Make sure you get your hands on different colors in slim fit trousers for men whether its formal trousers for men, or casual trousers for men. Pleated trousers and flat front pants come under workplace wardrobe and fashion. Today, most pants for men are flat front, and pleats are considered old-fashioned. It’s not just the tailoring that is important, but the fabric from which it is made is necessary too as a man needs different pants for different seasons. Cotton trousers are great for summer months to stay cool and comfortable, while corduroy trousers suit more formal occasions and cooler climes.
So, needless to say, chinos are versatile and completely out there. Whether you want to kick back and relax or have a busy office day ahead, your chinos are always going to come in handy. If you’ve always had a thing for colored trousers, then opt for the chino style in colors such as purple, rust and green, apart from the usual subtle shades of black or beige, and bring a pop of color and relaxed style into your closet! 



Price : Rs. 3850



Price : Rs. 855



Price : Rs. 1499



Price : Rs. 2495



Price : Rs. 2390



Price : Rs. 2039



Price : Rs. 799



Price : Rs. 1050



Price : Rs. 3495



Price : Rs. 1189


Try these amazing trousers this season for a comfortable and relaxed experience. Also, with the range of vibrant colors look fabulous.


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