Journey Of John Stephen: The one who created some of the best fragrances

When we talk about some of the best aromas then I can’t forget naming  John Stephen. He is among the top five perfumers in Britain. There were lots of twists and turns in Journey Of John Stephen but still, the world knows him and his work. The person who owns the odour brand Cotswold Perfumery. A guy who thinks that the perfect way to wear scents will be to sense them and change them depending on your mood.

Journey Of John Stephen _ stylegodsHe has always thanked India as he states, “Aromas are a component of India’s rich cultural heritage, and there’s so much to learn here. For him “Creating an odour isn’t only creating a statement although about using ingredients. Using a nose craft a fragrance for you, maintaining memories and your tastes is among the pinnacles of luxury.”

Journey Of John Stephen _ stylegods“The very first thing that I begin with is short to be certain that I’m on precisely the exact same page as my customer. Sometimes are missing on a layperson. To understand that they enjoy florals is only 1 step. “For example, lavender and rose will always odour different, whereas improved and sandalwood fuse together so nicely that you don’t realise where the increased ends and in which the sandalwood starts”

Journey Of John Stephen _ stylegodsFor him, A perfume’s power lies within its power of institution, and that may never be underestimated. He requested that a group of sufferers while carrying their medications to smell it. Surprisingly with time, their dependence on the medications decreased and they can recover simply by smelling the blossom. It has got the sense of smell, power!

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