Jo Malone London Leads Your Senses On An Olfactory Tour

A cologne with no story is missing the ingredient that makes it memorable. “It is like making a bit of art without understanding why you have done it,” believes Celine Roux, odor director, Jo Malone London Creative Studio. She draws inspiration from London, where she resides and keeps her eyes open and her nose busy, constantly exploring her senses.

Jo Malone is true to its roots, it combines timeless elegance with a touch of quirkiness. That’s what makes your brand distinct. It’s normally British and bizarre yet sophisticated.  Or it could be exploring a mood. She once briefed the perfumer to make a scent that caught the emotions of a woman in a hot trench jacket awaiting the rain to meet her lover in the middle of the night.

All Jo Malone London’s fragrances are unisex and designed to be layered. “It is that which we call odor combining. That is why we have a very simple formula, however, ‘easy’ does not mean easy. We would rather be pure and never have a lot of ingredients. For example a normal fragrance will have 150 to 200 components but ours could occasionally have as few as 10. That, when combined and matched can produce a special scent for every mood.

As it’s something that is instinctive; substantially enjoy how you respond to visuals and sound, you respond to smell also, and it makes you feel good,” says Roux. There’s no right or wrong, because every heart is unique.

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