A Jewellery at LFW Winter 2017 was a sensibility of fashion and contemporary style

Jewellery is one of those accessories which puts an exclamation to a women’s dressing. Fashion trends change so fast like a chocolate is melting in mouth. The entire country or i must say world wait for Lakme fashion week. But from the Dresses, Celebrities, Makeup and to Jewellery at LFW Winter 2017 festive was an inspiration of bringing new fashion trends. Vasundhara mantri is a collection which you surely can not miss to see.

 Jewellery At LFW Winter 2017 _ stylegodsHer entire collection is a perfect mix and match of local sensibilities and Indian flowers.  These 2 elements are must and the chief of her entire collection. But, it is artistically assemble in a contemporary & daring manner. Hence, it is an amalgamation of local sensibilities put together in a contemporary fashion.”

 Jewellery At LFW Winter 2017 _ stylegods

Style Aesthetic 

The designer said that “I had like to think my sensibilities are extremely artistic. Each style I create is a work of art which is why I describe it as artwork jewellery or creative jewellery. All the pieces are hand crafted. And presented with different finishes and textures. Although they are inherently Indian, we try to infuse a component of modernity in them too.” The result being an alloyed beauty is a powerful fusion of art and craft!

The use of Indian blossom motifs in jewellery is something which was formerly unexplored. We have given a different feel, colour and finish to every blossom to bring out its character and help distinguish it from the other. The collection aims to bring together the trends of different worlds, synchronizing Indian, European and American fashion. They have a very clear vision of connecting the entire world through jewellery.

 Jewellery At LFW Winter 2017 _ stylegodsYou can buy and view her entire collection here.

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