All the would-be brides and bridesmaids don’t miss out on Jade Summer Collection 2018

“Selecting a wedding dress is more than just fitting, it’s a process – a memory making.” For every woman on this planet, it is one of the most important day of her life. It’s a day when she heads towards a new life and takes some old good memories along with her. Wedding dress shopping might feel like a chiffon blur of similar colours, but there’s more than just the right colour when finding the perfect wedding dress. Jade summer collection 2018 is a collection which is so dreamy that I starred at one outfit for minutes and imagined me, my best friend in those. They are just so irresistible.

Jade label by Monica Shah and Karishma Swali is known for its knock-out pieces for young brides, creating contemporary ensembles with a touch of old-world aesthetic while highlighting traditional Indian crafts and techniques. JADE is born of a fiercely creative spirit and a unique sensibility. The brand was launched in October 2008. JADE is today synonymous with luxury, dynamic harmony and refreshing avatar of a creative mind. The collections vibrate with energy and lead with an attitude, a reflection of their personalities.

Their recent collection, ‘Alekhya – The Epitome of love’ draws inspiration from the Taj Mahal. “Alekhya is a lovely, light, summer bridal collection, perfect for destination beach wedding. The collection takes inspiration from this tradition of hand craftsmanship that made the beautiful Taj Mahal a reality,” says Monica Shah. Featuring all amazing fabrics like fine silk, sheer pastel silks and linens the collection was designed to give summer comfort. Taking all the comfort this collection is perfect for a modern bride who wants to enjoy her wedding day at the best.

It’s time to walk in a new life dressed in your dreamy outfit.

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