Now, before I dive into this ~controversial~ topic, let me make myself clear. I am NOT a troll, I don’t have anything against Jaclyn Hill or her brand. Furthermore, I am definitely not sponsored by any of those who her stans believe are “out to get her”. As a consumer, and as someone who has been deeply invested in the beauty community, these are just my thoughts.


It started off with Jaclyn Hill teasing her “brand” about 5 years ago. Which, obviously, didn’t take any shape or form until 2019 – ie, Jaclyn Cosmetics / Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. (I don’t even know what to call her brand, it’s so confusing!) Because the logo is JH, but the name on the Instagram page is Jaclyn Cosmetics. I honestly feel she should drop the Hill, considering she’s divorced. I just think it’s weird to be making money off a name that technically, isn’t even yours. But that’s just me.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics
Source: Bustle

Moving along, Jaclyn Cosmetics was welcomed pretty warmly, and her reveals had people excited. But what was coming, was nothing short of a horror story.

After the launch, a bunch of people took to Instagram to talk about how they haven’t received shipping, or even if they paid for superfast shipping, hadn’t received their product. All of it seemed harmless, because hey, shit happens. Until what ensued made heads turn everywhere, and people angrier.


Apparently, numerous complaints hit twitter hard revealing that the lipsticks came in melted, while some of them had weird hairs sticking out of them. Gross, right? But what’s worse is that it didn’t happen to a couple few. It happened in numerous numbers – including PR packages. Which brings me to my next point. A LOT of people feel that Jaclyn Hill didn’t send out PR packages in advance on purpose – so that people won’t find out the truth about her lipsticks. That they are old (?), moldy (?), and basically unhealthy AF.

Reports also state that people are having major reactions post application – which is so much scarier than receiving a lipstick in bad shape. Furthermore, the silence by Jaclyn Hill, and the dragging of a consumer made people furious.

Multiple people are keeping track of the updates – but there is yet to hear a recall. Jaclyn Hill hopped on to YouTube like any other basic, drama filled YouTuber out there to “talk” about her brand. And people were hearing only excuses, not solutions.

Which is sad, considering she has a HUGE following. And her fans had been waiting for 5 years for Jaclyn Cosmetics to drop. Oh, and she’s also offering a free lipstick in case you were one of the victims of this awful launch. (I even saw somebody else get a replacement lipstick that was faulty.)

That being said, please don’t trust your YouTubers, or your fave celebrities – no matter what they drop, find out what it is, wait for genuine reviews and then invest your money. Because God forbid, you end up with an infection.