“Jackie, Jackie, Jackie…”

That’s Aunty Jackie’s athem. The famed YouTuber, who is also an advocate for people of colour, and mainly black people just celebrated her 32nd birthday. And her birthday celebrations included dropping a HUGE surprise – one we weren’t expecting. Misz Aina has gone ahead and collaborated with beauty king, Anastasia Beverly Hills, to bless us with a palette that looks like it was made for us. (Us, meaning POC)


Speaking to Allure, Jackie Aina says that the palette is a reality thanks to her fans’ insistence. “When my followers want something for me, they’ll go get it.” And now, over a year later since the brand got in touch with Aina, there’s a brand new palette added.

Jackie Aina x ABH
Source: Brand

Aina isn’t too worried about what nefarious trolls will think about her palette. She has given it her heart and soul to create the perfect “Jackie” eye shadow scheme. In fact, she wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to creating and perfecting two shadows – Sponsored and Big Wig. Although the brand mentioned to her that they were difficult to create, Jackie insisted. She also mentions being afraid to be labelled “too difficult to work with.” But she’s glad she persisted.

The result of all the effort is a gorgeous palette which almost all POC are celebrating. Which means Aina’s goal, of creating a palette she didn’t have to finesse, came true. Furthermore, lighter colours meant showing up as ashy, or not showing up at all. However, the case with the Jackie Aima x ABH palette is different. If you’re a colourful woman, you need a colourful palette – all shades useful!


The shade names are pretty much Trademark Jackie Aina. Moreoever, if you’re one of her 3 million followers, you’re probably hearing Jackie dictating the names to the creative/legal team.

  • SOLEIL –Metallic soft peach with a gold shift
  • SUPREME –Matte rosy pink
  • PINKER –Matte mid-tone cool plum
  • BIG WIG –Matte rich purple
  • DWOLLAHS – Metallic golden olive
  • CREDIT –Deep matte plum brown
  • LITUATION – Metallic deep taupe with a violet shift
  • ZAMN –Sparkling rose gold
  • WIGGALESE –Metallic cranberry red
  • SHOOKINGTON –Metallic violet with a blue shift
  • TRUST ISSUES –Sparkling white gold
  • EDGES –Matte deep peach
  • SPONSORED –Metallic chocolate with a teal shift
  • GINGER –Matte caramel brown

Aina, in her efforts to be an activist for black people, has previously formed an alliance with Too Faced, to expand their foundation line.

The Jackie Aina x ABH Palette will be available on anastasiabeverlyhills.com on August 6th. While offline retailers and ABH UK get them on the 15th. The palette is limited edition.

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