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Admittedly, a lot of the skin care tips and tricks we’ve learnt has been due to K-Beauty. (Thanks, Korea!) And how could we not? Their super clear, glass skin has been the talk of the town for ages. Thanks to their generosity, we now know how they achieve it.

Double cleansing, 10-step routines, the 7 skin method – all ways to get your skin feeling it’s best. Although we’ve discussed double cleansing and what your general routine should look like, sometimes you don’t have the time for all of it. Hence, 7 skin. But what is it actually? Read on to find out.



In Korean, ‘skin’ and ‘toner’ are the same word. And from the same, stems this hugely popular skin routine. The reason it’s so popular is because although it sounds like a lot of work, it really isn’t. Once you get the hang of it, it only take a couple of extra seconds – and all the difference in the world!

Take your toner, and pat it on 7 times – that’s the method in a nutshell.

The details, however, state that 7 isn’t the number you MUST achieve. Rather, the goal is to layer the toner so that the skin absorbs it really well. The result? Gorgeous, plump skin.

Think of it as an at-home facial sesh. (Remember how great your skin feels after a facial? You’re going to feel the same, except it will be in the comfort of your own home.)

Still confused? Don’t worry, I’ve got you!



Step 1 – Cleanse your face as you normally would. Preferable double-cleanse!

Step 2 – Take a cotton pad and dump a little toner onto it. Sweep across your face while it’s still damp. Start from the inside of your face toward your nose, sweeping gently upward and outward.

Step 3 – Repeat 5 more times, but using your hands instead. Pat the toner into your skin gently. Pat until your skin is no longer wet, but slightly moist. This usually takes 2 minutes max. So that’s, 2 minutes between each step.

Step 4 – Seal the deal with a moisturizer. Or if its night time, a facial oil.

Choose the right product for your skin –

This stands true for any routine, tbh. Avoid toners that contain alcohol and a lot of fragrance. You don’t want to risk drying out your skin or irritating it with a scent.

The consistency matters too. Depending on how your skin feels after using your choice of toner, you can adjust either the number of times of application. Or choose a runnier consistency toner if it feels too heavy on your skin.

My pick is the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner.

You don’t HAVE to do all 7 layers

The name “7-skin” was coined for ease of remembrance. Not because it is the tested number of steps for effectiveness. You can go more or less, depending on how your skin feels. My advice is to start slow with 3 layers and build it up as you get more comfortable.

Let the product absorb between layers

Once you’re comfortable with the 7 skin method technique, don’t rush through it to get it over with. Take your time. Pat the product in properly before layering another. Remember, you want your skin to soak up the toner, not sit on top.

Being aggressive with the patting

Please don’t.

Using only toner

The truth is, you can use essences too. As long as they’re non-irritating, packed with nutrients and lightweight, you’re golden.

My pick – Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence



When it comes to routines, you must listen to your skin. Do your research, and test out whatever you feel like incorporating. At the end of the day, experimenting leads to building your perfect routine. Whether it’s the 7 skin method, or 5 with a combination of toner and essence, customizing is key.

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