Slugging is exactly what it sounds like. And it’s also something people are swearing by. But before you roll your eyes at a new “trend”, you have to listen to what this entails. And no, snails not included.

If you were to ask your mum/grandma about their holy grail products, most of them will name Nivea and Vaseline. And both items are still pretty much OG in this day and age of pricey skincare. Of course, there’s numerous reasons for the status. The most basic being the price point.


Okay, so! Vaseline is the centre of attention in this particular “trend”, and it involves applying the same all over your face and body to seal in and retain moisture.

Yes, Vaseline is an occlusive (it creates a seal on your skin). HOWEVER, it isn’t comedogenic, aka, it won’t clog your pores, so it’s pretty good for using all over. In rare cases, it might trigger an allergic reaction, so, like anything else, do a patch test first.

Slugging Vaseline
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Dr. David Lortscher, a board-certified dermatologist and the CEO and founder of Curology, speaks about slugging, and agrees that it’s pretty good for your skin.

“The protective properties [of petroleum jelly] help soothe the skin, especially dry patches and other areas recovering from irritation. Vaseline can also serve as a great body moisturizer to manage eczema-prone skin. The heavier consistency provides a hydrating barrier for dry, irritated skin. Additionally, Vaseline can be a great option for wound care, as long as you’re not allergic to petrolatum.”

Redditors are obsessed with the product and trend, claiming that slugging has breathed new life into their skin.


It’s pretty straight forward.

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your skin fresh out of the shower – while your skin is still damp – to help seal in all that moisture. Another option is to use all your favourite skin care products first and then use Vaseline as the final step in your regimen.

BRB, I’m going to lather Vaseline all over.

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