Inspiring Story Of Deepika Kumari is becoming real to reel story

Everything related to the movie started in February. Uraaz Bahl and his wife Shauna Levy-Bahl were at the dining table. Reading the paper when Uraaz read a story about an archer called Deepika Kumari. The couple thought that she will be a perfect inspiration for the young youth. She belongs to rural Jharkhand and now is topping the world ranks in olympics. Both wanted to make a documentary on Inspiring Story Of Deepika Kumari.

Inspiring Story Of Deepika Kumari _ stylegods“There was something about her struggle that struck a chord with Uraaz,” says Levy-Bahl. “He was also in a similar distance since Deepika, where he had been facing a lot of issues with bureaucracy regarding permissions.” The couple wanted to make a documentary on Deepika. A story of hard work, bravery, disappointment, and hope.

Inspiring Story Of Deepika Kumari _ stylegodsAfter deciding the couple got in touch with the Tata Archery Academy at Jamshedpur. They immediately put a crew together and were in their way from the first week of March. Deepika for her part, was not anticipating a disturbance in her life. “I was not that excited to be honest. As it was so near the Olympics and that I had been extremely busy and fully focused on my training,” Deepika said.

Inspiring Story Of Deepika Kumari _ stylegodsBut slowly the bond of the three grew with their traveling. The bond between the three of them climbed as their travel continued. Now she is like a little sister of the couple. Deepika is not resistant to this closeness. Deepika said that “Occasionally I have been misrepresented so I’m tired of these. I presumed that it would be the exact same with Uraaz and Shaana. But my story has been conveyed by them with sensitivity. They have made me feel like a family.”

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