If you check up the list globally, you’ll find enumerable innovative and ridiculously talented fashion designers. To name a few: Asiya Bareeva, Hwang Yi-Seul, Iman Adele, Jotaro Saito, Marwa Atik, and others. But, Iris Van Herpen is the sturdy and scaling name that tops the list. She does pure magic with her designs and believes to reciprocate through ‘optical illusions’. She says, “We live in a world where technology is a part of every level of our lives. It also makes the world change so rapidly. It seems that fashion has not been the first to embrace change at all. You can see that the system has become old in that sense”.


What is Unconventional Fashion Meaning Stand For?

This is especially in use for innovative fashion designers who love to bring out something unique and fresh every time they hold a show. This further unveils features like expressing uniquely, displaying provoking thoughts that stage socio-cultural and global significance through their wonder-pieces. Designers like Iris Van Herpen choose to follow an unusual path that is the bit-off route from the defined fashion style and diaspora.

For creating optical illusion, this Dutch designer is showcasing a new edge of fashion in the society which doesn’t replicate by tagging this as non-conventional.


Iris’s Designs Look like the Future

Well, this is a claim which Washington post had mentioned and thus appreciated the designs of the next-gen revolution. It writes, “Iris Van Herpen’s astonishing designs don’t look like clothes. They look like the future”. Additionally, New York Times also praised the most innovative fashion designers by claiming it as a “different way of thinking”. Her appreciation has got wings from all lengths and widths of every country for her remarkable fashion.

Being one of the cool fashion designers, Iris has a well-curated form of silhouettes that assembles outsized and geometric to close-fitting. All designs have something to tell and something to showcase. One of the design projects a freeze-frame that shows push up in the form of a dress. Another example that shows the fashion designers inspired by culture projected to amped shoulders and hips which also mirrored the shape of a moth with wings spread outward.

According to a recent interview, the fashionista hailing from Holland said, “I don’t find my work futuristic”. Herpen adds, “It’s bizarre how the mind works. Many of the concepts and explorations happening today”.

Innovative Fashion Designers Transformations

Are you a non-conventional fashion follower? Iris Van Herpen is the name whom you need to look up. Her work mainly deals with fashion, design, science, and technology at large. She is widely known for a pioneering fresh voice in the fashion fraternity in the form of dynamism, rules-breaking work. Herpen’s works if said out of the box will be very little to express gratitude towards her extraordinary work.

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What does her Unconventional Fashion Mean?

Conglomeration few from the huge collection of Herpen…

Chemical Crows

This idea of Herpen showcases her new neighbors i.e. crows who used to stay around her studio. She is even much-amused by crows since childhood. Herpen is also taken up with the whimsical Knitty-gritty of black magic and alchemy. So, taking the notes of the alchemist that how they turned base metal into gold. Herpen also transformed gold color umbrella ribs into a fan-like shape, so pay ode to the crows.

Refinery Smoke

This presentation was made keeping in mind the industrial fallout and pollutions that has veiled the natural beauty of our mother earth. To get it show-ready, Herpen being one of the innovative fashion designers, imposed her ideas in a metal gauge which she got specially woven for her collection. As she was using raw refinery waste, it was uncomfortable to wear. But, she made sure that the stiffness of the material should get 360 degrees to turn into wearable stuff.


Being inspired by the mummies and pyramid structure of Egypt. Iris Van Herpen dedicatedly infused the idea of swaddling, wrapping, and covering which we have normally seen over the wrapped mommies with a fine linen bandage. The collection was curated by the idealization of Egypt and its traditional practices. This included lace, eyelets, ball chain, motorcycle chain, and metal balls. So, even if the designer would have minimized the weight of the material used especially in the creation. We are only left guessing what was the actual weight of the armor?

Radiation Invasion

Can you imagine an intercontinental phone conversation can let you bring up an idea for fashion? Well, you are not so special and unique like Iris Van Herpen. The curation showed wavy rays, flickering patterns, vibrating particles, and reflecting pleats.


The design earned the name of ‘bathtub’ as a nickname. She designed to showcase cascade around the weaver like a splash of water. As claimed by the designer, clubbing up things for the artistic process. Through this style, there was a new birth in the world of non-conventional fashion.


Being the master among the innovative fashion designers, Iris Van Herpen evolves the snake-like formation for the new culture that defines the culture of Capriole. The creation consists of serpentine forms that are also a club with an acrylic sheet that envelops the body. As said by this cool fashion designer, this is an inspiration from the algorithmic sculptural work of the architect Michael Hansmeyer.

Hybrid Holism

This idea is the first coin by Canadian architect Philip Beesley. Combining diligent craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Getting inspiration from the designs, it took its notes from Beesley’s creations. Herpen has taken up the motive to show living environment breathes, shifts, and moves in response to the people walking through touching and sensing.


This collection encapsulates physical integrity, individuality, and autonomy. As designed by Herpen, she arranged and assembled layers of transparent PVC, which was curated in the fashion to showcase embryonic with the club of meditative, suspended animation. The dress is to say to be framed through handblown glass balls that radiate like a halo around.


There is so much of Fashion that is unexplored: Iris Van Herpen

With the covid-19 started to stride for more than a year now, Iris Van Herpen along with others became a benevolent part of the ‘Virtual Design Festival’ that was the world’s first-ever digital fashion week. It helped to display her artwork through the lens of fashion last year. Her motto was to elaborate Haute couture collections adhering to traditional craft with the digital technology which branches laser cutting, digital fabrication, and 3D printing.

As said earlier, Herpen believes ‘Optical Illusions’ is the best way to exaggerate and amplify the body’s natural movement.

Being one of the coolest fashion designers, in 2017 she also worked with Beesley. During the show, being the successful and innovative fashion designers. Herpen shows gowns made of Mylar fabric that is cut so fine which has a ripple-like pattern that expands and contracts with the movement of the body.

Van Herpen said it is through her experiments with new materials that the final form of her collection takes shape. She adds, “By really creating the material, you change the way they apply to make the garment. It’s a balance between having the right technique and the right material together and when you find that perfect combination, it becomes freedom.”


Technology with Fresh Ideas is All About Un-Conventional Fashion

Yes, this is seen here. Technology with an inch of fashion for the modern world is discussing over here with a futuristic viewpoint. Be it cellphones, CDs, tapes, metallic coated canvas, 3D fabric, or leather. Everything gets juggled for a unique form of fashion that the world is still to appreciate and incorporate.

Innovation in fashion has many sides: shaping a new silhouette, a dedicated mood, or a particular style with some extraordinary items that stand out from the crowd. This mainly enchants as un-conventional. If you have come across such a design element that stands unique from the masses. You are most welcome to share your instance here.

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