Let your vanity box take full advantage of the rich herbs of your nation: Indian Organic Beauty Brands

India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, a practice which has been in existence since 5000 BC. Our country is also known as one of the best countries when it comes to skincare and beauty. Indian cosmetic industry is going strong and developing continuously with further signs of growth in future. Both men and women spend lots of bucks for cosmetics and beauty products which have become a very important part of our lives. Nowadays people are giving more preference to Indian organic beauty brands and making their beauty routine better and effective. Here are some of the best beauty brands which you need to know and add their products to your vanity.


Shahnaz Husain

Indian Organic Beauty Brands _ Style Gods

The success of Shahnaz Husain has a lot to do with the fact that they are constantly innovating themselves but without swaying from their Ayurvedic roots.


Purearth Beauty Brand

Indian Organic Beauty Brands _ Style Gods

Purearth is a luxury skincare and wellness brand that ethically sources all its ingredients from the Himalaya.


Skin Yoga

Indian Organic Beauty Brands _ Style Gods

SkinYoga, an all-organic beauty brand, is a translation of learning about the immense benefits of living amid nature.


Forest Essentials

Indian Organic Beauty Brands _ Style Gods

Its an authentic skin care brand which maintains the highest standards of authenticity and quality as each product is handmade.


Soul Flower

Indian Organic Beauty Brands _ Style Gods

Soulflower has one of the best collections of handmade soaps and essential oils. Their products are aroma based, 100% vegetarian and also animal cruelty free.

Every time you buy organic, you are persuading more farmers go organic.”

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