Indian Designers Online Stores with most comfortable collection

First of all I know it is really difficult to manage if you are not satisfied with your wardrobe. The changing trends will always force you to buy all what is new and in fashion. When it comes to fashion it change within the time you blink your eyes. It is not even possible to go for shopping everyday. So we came to the option of online shopping. Now our shopping needs to have the label of brands and designer labels. Newly launched Indian Designers online stores are soon going to set a new trend of fashion.

When ever we hear this word designer label our level of exceptions is up high in the sky. I am amazed and eagerly waiting to see the collection of these 2 new designer labels. Comfort and style are the new arbiters by which we measure effortless style. Striking a balance between the two can be a task. With two minimalistic clothing labels launching e-commerce websites, its time make new additions to your everyday wardrobe that walk the line effortlessly.

Kanika Jain Collection

Kanika Jain, the owner of Delhi-based clothing brand Kanelle, is known for her romantic creations. The young label is all set to launch its e-commerce website,, on July 3, 2017. The spring summer collection, titled ‘Under The Cherry Tree’, takes inspiration from cherry blossom flower. It is ready-to-wear dresses. It separates and handwoven saris that are perfect modern classics.


Anuj Bhutani Collection

Designer, Anuj Bhutani’s clothing line The label ticks all the right boxes with minimalistic, functional separates perfect for any occasion. It is known for understated aesthetics and effortless take on contemporary clothing.

Getting curious to buy and see the entire collection. Shopping is going to be so easy and simple. Sitting on our couch and getting all new in fashion.

Stay Updated And Shop 😛