Nudes are everywhere (aside from social media DMs and snapchats.) In the beauty industry, nudes have been all the rage. (Remember Jaclyn Hill’s tragic nude collection?) From drugstore dupes to high end names, each brand is dropping their version of the perfect nude – whether it’s eye shadow or more importantly, lipsticks. The next brand to get on the trend? Natasha Denona.


I definitely need a nude. I’ve got many in my vanity, but that shall not stop me from purchasing many more nudes (and no, they’re not all the same!)

Coveted by fans across the globe, Natasha’s iconic nude lip looks come to life with a collection of universally flattering shades. Natasha was compelled to create this gorgeous collection after spending years mixing lipsticks together to achieve her vision; a nude that would flatter everyone and compliment her signature smoky eyes. Available in 18 shades, in 4 distinct undertones; these lipsticks will give you that nude lip you’ve been dreaming of.

18 shades designed to flatter each and every skin tone, from fair to deep in different undertones.

Lightweight creamy formula with a softly luminous finish. Deeply hydrating for comfortable and luxurious texture.

Inspiration for the names, and colors comes from the diverse and significant group of women who are working with Natasha around the globe to make her vision come to life. The collection includes one shade that is named after ‘Natasha’ herself, as it is her favorite perfect nude that she loves to wear every day.

Available in 4 distinct undertones:

  • Beige – Nudes with a Beige undertone, suits neutral, warm, and red skin tones.
  • Neutral Beige – Nudes with a Neutral Beige undertone, suits all skin tones.
  • Neutral Pink – Nudes with a Neutral Pink undertone, suits all skin tones.
  • Pink – Nudes with a Pink undertone, suits warm and yellow skin tones.
Natasha Denona I Need A Nude
Source: Brand
  • Charlotte – light beige
  • Judith – medium antique
  • Liron – light peachy nude
  • Claudia – medium warm rose
  • Sami – medium warm beige
  • Sava – light dusty pink
  • Naya – medium taupe
  • Jennifer – rose
  • Nati – deep mauve
  • Averyl – mauve
  • Lala – deep chocolate
  • Beatrice – light warm rose
  • Natasha – light neutral coral
  • Susanna – warm rose
  • Michelle – light neutral beige
  • Noa – taupe
  • Alison – medium dusty coral
  • Yana – antique rose

Each of the Natasha Denona lipsticks retail for $25, and is available for purchase on the brand’s website.