Neutrogena has been doing really good with their Hydro Boost skin care line. And so far, we had the gel, and the toner. Now, we have their Hydro Boost Serum available for purchase in India! I’m actually glad brands are stepping up their game, since we’re basically the last to get new launches. So kudos, Neutrogena!


If you’ve been reading my posts, you KNOW I’m obsessed with serums. And the new Hydro Boost Serum is on my wish-list! But what does this serum entail?

Dermatologically tested, this serum instantly quenches dry skin, repairs the skin’s moisture barrier and protects against reoccurring dryness.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum
Source: Nykaa
Key Features
  • The pearl serum contains purified Hyaluronic Acid which acts as a self-hydrating system for your skin.
  • The Anti-oxidant capsules power charge the serum with Vitamin E when the pump is pressed, to energise and boost the look of dull skin.

But it’s not just any regular serum, it’s a CAPSULE IN SERUM! Question marks? Don’t worry. Here is the explanation.

Serum – Replenishes moisture when you need it the most while repairing and rebuilding skin barrier to lock that moisture in.

Capsule – Releases Anti-Oxidants that fortifies the skin barrier and protects against reoccurring dryness.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum
Source: Nykaa

A total of three powerful ingredients in the Hydro Boost Serum help in the retention of moisture, and give you soft, supple skin.

  • ANTI OXIDANT OLIVE EXTRACT FORMULA – Strengthens skin by repairing skin barriers damaged by the environment.
  • GLYCERIN – Absorbs moisture from air to hydrate skin.
  • PURIFIED HYALURONIC ACID – Constantly pumps and locks in hydration from within.

The new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum retails for INR 699, and can be snagged at

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