Human ivory jewellery is the new level of sophistication

Fashion Trinkets: Human Ivory Jewellery

Designers go bonkers to showcase something which is unique and no one ever has attempted. They have hunger and passion to create extraordinary. Fashion is in jewellery and jewellery is in fashion and together they make us beautiful and elevate our confidence. Every women loves jewellery and they just can’t keep their hands off it. Jewellery is something which adds grace to even the simplest of the attire. Today we will introduce you to a very special and innovative concept Lucie gifted us: Human ivory jewellery.

 Human Ivory Jewellery a new accessory which is reinvented with a new twist.

Ivory jewellery is highly priced and banned across many countries. The reason for being restricted is that it involves animal cruelty. Keeping all the rules and regulations in mind, Luxembourgian designer, Lucie Majerus added a new accessory in fashion. Lucie Majerus has created the project Human Ivory jewellery. In this project, she turned lost teeth into beautiful jewellery for both men and women. The idea to create this unique fashion trend dawned upon her after the designer lost her a wisdom tooth.

The art of personalized jewellery with a person’s hair or teeth is not really new. The history says that popular ones: gold, enamel and tooth brooch belonged to Queen Victoria. In fact the British queen had an entire teeth jewellery collection. The special brooch, which included the first milk tooth lost by her eldest daughter of queen Victoria. So this has been there for a long time now.

Majerus idea is to create an “egalitarian jewellery collection” where our bodies are the source of our own “gems” of ornament, and polished into beautiful but meaningful pearls. Majerus took her own pulled wisdom teeth and begun first with a ring. She then enlisted two of her teachers at the Design Academy to donate their extracted wisdom teeth. She then asked her dentist for any discarded teeth in order to have material to create earrings, cufflinks and tie pins.

We appreciate the concept and the efforts behind this new innovation in jewellery. I must say this looks urbane and sophisticated. Imagine you wearing jewellery carved out of your own teeth, you will be a rare edition. Commendable job.

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