2020 is about to be here in 4 months, and although we’re not prepared, we’ll power through. And this year, the one thing I’ve been super grateful about is the body positivity movement that’s taken over globally. Most of us, especially women, go through a phase of insecurity, and major self-appreciation issues. And for some of us, the insecurity only progresses as we get older.

So in a world of excessive social media, which is a huge anchor to bring ourselves down, I’m glad about everyone in the appreciation league. Perfect skin, the sexiest figure, Nicole Kidman’s nose, scarless and markless – that is unreachable, and unnecessary. No tea, but if all of us had Kardashian Koin, we’d be looking pretty Barbie-like too.

And in the midst of it all, Huda Kattan comes in with her Self Love and Glitter Campaign, and she’s all about changing the face of beauty! In her new campaign video, Huda teams up with various people across the globe, who all have their “issues” sparkled up with glitter. The artist, former dentist, Sara Shakeel, is all about the appreciation and acceptance vibe.

In changing the face of beauty, Huda has #glittermarks – her stretch marks take cover in glitter to show her self-acceptance and self-love.

Huda Kattan
Source: Huda Beauty/Blog

Speaking to GLAMOUR, Huda says, “We have a mission here and it really is to make people feel welcome in beauty. To make them feel like everyone is a part of. It’s not just about skin tone and skin colour – it’s so much deeper. We’re here to tell everyone who has something unique about themselves that they are a part of this conversation, are leading the conversation and are the future of beauty.”

The other people who are a part of this video include the following –


We all know this freckled babe. This Brazilian beauty features on Huda’s campaign with her bedazzled freckles!


The Haitian-American blogger, advocate, model and motivational speaker is in the video with a glittery prosthetic leg! Cax was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer at 14, and had to undergo a hip replacement and leg amputation.


The outlines of vitiligo covered in glitter? I’ll say. Netherland-based Morena is an inspiration to women around the globe.


This London-based babe has a facial birthmark he was once bullied for. Now, Samuel is all about embracing his mark as he glitters it up for Huda’s new campaign.

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Watch Huda and her team get into changing the face of beauty below!

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