My tryst with the eyeliner began back in 2007 – when I went to college donning imperfect wings and a thick application of kohl along the lower lash line. I felt incomplete without my signature eye look, and to quote other people, I looked “sick”. And when I started throwing my money at the beauty industry in 2015, I encountered numerous eyeliners from numerous brands. Some, I’m faithful to. The rest, however, didn’t last on my vanity for long enough.

And with all these brands competing with each other CONSTANTLY, we have a new contender in the market. Our very own boss woman, Huda Kattan, owner of Huda Beauty, is now bringing her version of the eye liner to fans. AKA, Life Liner.


With anything that is created, behind the creation lies the inspiration. The inspo for this nugget was pretty basic – Huda’s love for eyeliners. Huda grew tired of constantly being on the hunt for the absolute perfect liner, and she proceeded to do what she does best. She made one.

According to her blog, the Life Liner is “the ultimate life proof, super matte black eyeliner that’s long-lasting (48-hour wear!!), waterproof, smudge proof, and completely fade proof.

The shade name is pretty unique – very vanta. For the unaware, Vanta Black is a material which is one of the darkest substances known – it absorbs up to 99.96% of visible light.

Huda Beauty Life Liner
Source: Brand

Not only does the Life Liner have a bomb formula, it also has dual ends – for both your liquid liner and kohl needs. Making it the only thing you’ll need to perfect your eye looks.

The hand-trimmed brush tip of the liner had to be just perfect. And in combination with the pigmented formula, the result is a non-fading, non-skipping, non-cracking, intense matte black finish.

On the other hand, the pencil liner is a twisty babe, so you won’t have the hassle of sharpening it. Furthermore, the longevity and play time to maneuver the liner makes it a pretty cool addition to your collection.

Huda Beauty Life Liner
Source: Brand
Huda Beauty Life Liner
Source: Brand

But that’s not all. To help remove this steadfast babe, Huda created something along with the life liner.


Use it as a first step in your double cleansing method and get rid of all the pesky waterproof makeup. Enriched with Cherry Blossom extract, the balm gently removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling soft and conditioned.

Huda Beauty Makeup Remover Balm
Source: Brand

The Life Liner launches on on 12th of September. Furthermore, it will be available online with retailers on 18th of September, and in-stores on 25th of September (£22/ €23.95 /$25 USD /39 AUD /110 AED /1,995 INR /9.09 KWD).

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