Yes, yes, THE Lottie Tomlinson. Sister of boy band heartthrob, Louis Tomlinson. But if you’re wondering if Huda decked on this collaboration because of a famous sibling, let me reassure you, she didn’t. Lottie Tomlinson is an established makeup artist and a brand owner. The new Huda Beauty x Lottie Tomlinson lash is from a series of lashes Huda is doing with inspirational and bad ass women. The previous two names in the roster have been Bollywood celebrity Jacqueline Fernandez and fashion icon Olivia Culpo.


While creating this lash, Huda knew this one had to be unique, just like Lottie. So she put Lottie Lash down as the first lash in their series of LUXE lash category.

The Lottie #19 Lash is a silk lash that delivers 3D volume using ultra-fine fibers. Moreover, the tapered ends create the most natural effect possible while adding some MAJOR drama. They’re sexy yet ultra-feminine – just like the woman you are.

As far as the lash goes, Lottie says she had a celebratory cocktail the day Huda called her. In other words, she was ecstatic AF.

“When I designed the lash I based it around the style of lash I love and wear all the time. I wanted something quite long and very fluffy. I also wanted them to sit comfortably on the eye and I think we’ve definitely achieved that.”

Huda Beauty x Lottie Tomlinson
Source: Brand

If you’re wondering why Lottie Tomlison is on Huda Beauty’s list of inspirational women, Huda breaks it down on her blog. Lottie’s love of beauty was perhaps the most important aspect of the alliance. Additionally, her never-give-up determination is also a factor in the birth of the Huda Beauty x Lottie Tomlinson baby.

“Beauty has always been my passion. From the age of 12, I used to ask my mom about each piece of makeup, and then I would research it and learn about the different product and brands,” Lottie tells Huda Beauty.

“When I was 15 I didn’t get the grades to get into sixth form at school, so I went to assist Lou Teasdale on tour with my brother [One Directioner, Louis Tomlinson]. She trained me up and then I started assisting other makeup artists on shoots and at fashion week to learn more about the industry. Then I used this knowledge to help become an influencer on Instagram.”

Lottie also owns a tanning brand, the Tanologist, which, as you can tell, is perfect for tanning addicts like herself.

Shop the Lottie #19 lash on the brand’s website. It retails for a hefty $27.

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