Earlier this year, Huda Kattan launched the first of many lashes from her Inspirational Women campaign. It started off with the Jacqueline lash, in collaboration with Bollywood celebrity, Jacqueline Fernandez. The campaign followed suit with lash styles with fashion icon Olivia Culpo, and MUA Lottie Tomlinson. The final lash, however, is by teaming up with the fantastic Kahlana Barfield Brown.


Kahlana Barfield isn’t just any name in the beauty and fashion industry. The editorial mogul started off as an intern with InStyle magazine. And not only is she now the editor, she is also TV correspondent and a creative and brand consultant. (We love a woman who can do it all! And so does Huda!)

Talking about the alliance on her blog, Huda states 3 major reasons for wanting to include Barfield in her campaign.

  1. She works hard for what she wants

Kahlana started out as an intern at InStyle Magazine and worked her way up to become Fashion and Beauty Editor. She’s also raising a gorgeous daughter all at the same time.

  1. Her style is unique and her looks are killa!

A scroll down Kahlana’s IG page is like a delicious feast for the eyes. Her bold choices and sartorial confidence give her the power to switch between fierce suites, elegant evening gowns, and retro pieces.

  1. She’s not afraid to break the mould

After making a successful career for herself, Kahlana’s making her own destiny and paving the way for others as she continues to thrive as a freelance fashion and beauty editor, doing what she loves for herself.

Kahlana Barfield Brown
Source: Kahlana Barfield

“It was so refreshing to me to be partnering with a major brand who values inclusion and diversity in beauty. They [Huda Beauty] understand representation matters and I respect them for it! I was coming from a different space in the industry, having worked for years in editorial.  They knew and respected my work as a beauty editor and loved that I brought something different to the table. Their team is a well-oiled machine, and everyone is such a pleasure to work with.”


The designing process for the lash included a lot of back and forth over a year. The result? A unique, layered criss cross design that adds volume at the base. But has a sexy, wispy finish with longer synthetic lashes along the edges. The fanned-out design also works to elongate and lift the eye and make them look bigger. Moreover, the new clear lash band gives a natural finish.

Huda Beauty x Kahlana Barfield
Source: Brand

The Kahlana #21 lash retails for $19, and is available for purchase on shophudabeauty.com.