2018 was a pretty busy year for Huda Beauty – with the launch of her first ever concealer, to her perfume line, Kayali. But before that, there were humble beginnings.

In 2013, Huda Kattan started her company with her false lashes. Her lash collection has grown over the years, and is more popular than ever. And now, she is going back to her roots.

Very recently, Huda teased an image on her Instagram about an up and coming lash collection. We have a few of the details, if not all of it.

Apparently, Huda’s new lash styles include collaborations with powerful women. According to her website, “each new lash is created in collaboration with some of the world’s most fearless women; women I truly respect and admire.”

It’s a series of collaborations to honor a new generation of inspirational women. All the lashes are named after the beautiful, strong, and inspiring women around Huda. 

Huda Beauty x Jacqueline

The first lash is in collaboration with Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez.

The former Miss Sri Lanka was baffled when Huda told her about the collaboration.

“I could not believe it when Huda reached out to say she wanted to collaborate – I’ve been following her for the longest time! The first thing I thought was: how did she choose me? She’s global, and she’s Huda Beauty – I never imagined it! We do share the same passions and philosophies, and we both love to have fun and be positive, so for me, it’s the perfect match.”

The idea behind the Huda Beauty x Jacqueline lash was Bollywood drama.

 “When Huda and I were discussing the type of lash, we wanted something that was Bollywood-ish – glamourous, dreamy, beautiful, and a little bit fantasy – but also wearable, and she combined the two perfectly,” Jacqueline says.

The Huda Beauty x Jacqueline lash is the first of many new lash styles to drop by the brand. And if one is smart, they’d know to put their money on the collection. It will definitely be a hit!

The Huda Beauty x Jacqueline lash launches on the 29th of January. Mark your calendars, people. Cuz you don’t want to snooze on this one.


The Huda Beauty x Jacqueline lash will also be available on Nykaa on the 29th! *intensify screaming*

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