With the ever-growing wave of latest trends, men’s footwear collections currently available in the market are incredibly versatile and fashionable. From formal oxfords to casual slippers, you can find everything in unique, new designs made specifically to work better with the expanding industry that is men’s fashion. So naturally, one should keep up with the trends to be their best-dressed self everywhere, and as for footwear, nothing does that better than men loafers. While loafers for men have been in the markets for almost a century now, they are one of the most popular men’s footwear, considering their timeless nature.

Men Loafers for Every Occasion

Loafers for men are usually made out of suede or leather materials in a slip-on style, lacking any laces or buckles. They have a sophisticated element to them that blends in tastefully with every outfit. To help you put together the best looks with men loafers, here’s a quick style guide to how you can style them on various occasions:

  • Formal: You can put together an extremely professional formal outfit while still keeping your style intact with men loafers. Pair them with tapered trousers and a matching, full sleeve blazer with the front buttoned up. Layer the blazer over a solid, light coloured shirt in contrast. You can add a simple watch to accessories.
  • Casual: There are many casual looks you can effortlessly pull off with loafers for men. For a completely relaxed, laid back day spent with friends, dress up in linen shorts with a printed t-shirt. Wear men loafers that are well-matched with the colours in your outfit and for some extra elegance, tuck your t-shirt in a French tuck. A pair of sunglasses with this outfit will give you a bright look.
  • Ethnic: With ethnic outfits, loafers for men are the perfect footwear. You can wear men loafers with a pair of monochromatic kurta and pyjamas. Layer the kurta with a stylish, colourful Nehru jacket with prints of embroidery for that indo-western edge.
  • Fancy: When heading to a fancy party or get together, casual outfits with a hint of sophistication work best, so pair your men loafers with slim-fit jeans and a tucked-in turtleneck. Please pay attention to the colours to make sure they don’t overlap each other too much. You can carry an overcoat along to layer if you want that stylish winter look.
  • Party: Men’s party outfits also go well with men loafers. Wear pleated trousers with a tucked-in t-shirt and layer it with a sheer, printed shirt. You can also opt for a sequined shirt for extra glam and go with a fresh-coloured pair of men loafers like blue.
Loafers For Men - Style Gods

There are just a few quick outfit ideas that you can style with loafers for men, but their versatility knows no bounds. Take a look at the loafers for men collection from Mochi Shoes and pick out all your favourite ones. Men loafers are just what you need to step up your fashion game, so go ahead and start shopping right away!