One thing is for sure that you won’t find the secret to you glory skin in your highlighter palette. Although there are products that melt into your skin to fake that dewy, lit-from-within look. But rather getting skin that permanently looks as though you’re fresh off vacation. Which is to say, healthy, radiant, and clear—is a combination of product, practice, and patience. And if you’re short on time for that, we have some quick fixes for you- and that may be both long and short term.

Here are some tips if you also wonder how to get a glowing skin, and not just for your instagram.

how to get glowing skin

A quick face massage

Using your fingertips, massage a serum or oil into your face before applying makeup. The stimulation can help get the blood moving to wake up your whole complexion.

Upside down

Hanging my head upside down for three minutes a day is my long-term strategy for getting that lit-from-within glow. The Whole blood circulation really helps in bringing out that natural glow.

Give your foundation a boost

Mix a few drops of luminizer with your moisturiser and foundation then apply the mixture with a sponge. It will create an even layer of sheen that looks more natural than a highlighter.

Use toner before serum and moisturiser 

Toner hydrates the skin the way it is needed. And serums and creams can penetrate deeper if your skin is hydrated. So using a toner before really does the work for you. and then you can continue with the rest of your makeup routine.

Strengthen you skin 

The outmost layer of your skin is the barrier to dust, dirt and other pollutants. and protecting that skin is the key for a good healthy and therefore a glowing skin. To do that use an overnight multitasking skincare routine.

Add Vitamin C to your routine

Apply a few drops of Vitamin C serum before you begin with that sunscreen every morning. For free radical damage, help lessen brown spots and an even skin tone. Also makes the sunscreen more effective from protecting your skin from damages.

A a long bath 

Yes we want you to take a long bubble bath. And it’s not only for relaxation, but the right bath salt leaves your skin  softer, more purified, and baby smooth.

By swapping your loofah 

Get a great salt scrub and massage it all over your body with a Korean washcloth, it is a little more friskier than the regular one. But it helps to get off the dead cells to get the smoothest skin ever.

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