For those of us who are heavily invested in the beauty world, we know a good eyeliner is key to elevating your makeup game. Whether it’s a crisp cut cat eye, or a smoked out wing – eyeliner is perhaps one of the most basic ways to get your eyes looking sharp, sans shadow. I have a lot of favourite budget friendly and high end eyeliners, but I am really excited to test out Morphe’s newcomers.


Morphe Brushes didn’t add one, or two eyeliners into their eyes section. They launched 3 absolute newbies, bringing the hot total to 4, including their gel liners.


Personally, I love a good felt tipped liner. They’re the easiest to maneuver, and everybody from a beginner to a pro can use it.


Ink / black

Intense pigment meets bomb precision with this long-wearing, waterproof liner that won’t fade, smudge, or transfer.

  • 24-hour-long wear
  • FINISH: satin
  • FORMULA: liquid
morphe eyeliners
Felt Tipped Liner / Source: Brand
morphe eyeliners
Source: Brand

For those of you with a firmer hand and years of winging your liner out using liquids, this one is your boo. It comes in 3 separate shades, so you can add the drama you require without going overboard.

Packs precise application and unstoppable, semi-matte color into every jaw-dropping swipe.

  • Black Out / black
  • Tea Spill / brown
  • Blank Slate / white
  • FINISH: semi-matte
  • FORMULA: liquid
morphe eyeliners
Liquid Liner / Source: Brand

And finally, for those of us who prefer a smoke show, this is our pick from the new Morphe eyeliners.

Move to the front of the line with long-wearing, waterproof matte color that glides on and won’t fade, smudge, or transfer.

  • Lights Out / black
  • Dimmer / brown
  • FINISH: rich matte
  • FORMULA: soft pencil
morphe eyeliners
Eyeliner Pencil / Source: Brand

You can shop all the new Morphe Eyeliners on the brand’s website. If you do get your hands on them, let me know how you feel about them.

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