I’ve mentioned before of how tired I am of brands dropping stuff left, right and centre. You can’t pin point one particular brand, they’re ALL doing it. (Have you SEEN how many ColourPop launches I’m writing about every other week?) This time, we’re back to Middle Eastern mogul, Huda Beauty, who recently debuted their first ever eyeliner – the Life Liner.

The next launch coming later this month is Huda Kattan’s first ever lash named after her, the Hoodie Lash.


Post the success of 21 lashes, Huda finally decided it was time for a lash that defined her, through and through. She calls it an emotional rollercoaster in her blog post (I wouldn’t expect anything else, but for someone who has been creating lashes for so long, it probably shouldn’t be as overwhelming.)

“Hoodie is really me, my intimate me. My nickname has always been Hoodie (or Hoodie Boodie) to my family and friends, so I thought it was the perfect name for my signature pair of lashes that really epitomizes what I love about lashes. Hoodie #23 (my fave number) is people getting the completely unedited, pure me in a lash.”

Huda Beauty Hoodie Lashes
Source: Huda Beauty

This is the first pair of lashes in the ‘Lengthie’ range of lashes by Huda Beauty. The reason they’re named “lengthie” is because they’re so long, they needed a new lash category for them. Huda loves that not only do they have both insane length and unreal volume, but they’re also wispy and fluffy. The intricate layers work together beautifully to create volume and drama. Additionally, the fanned-out effect helps to create a sexy cat eye that’s super flattering on all eye shapes.

Moreover, these are also their first lashes on a completely transparent, slimmer band. As a result, making them more flexible and really comfortable to wear. Each lash hair is also thinner and wispier, so you get a very fluffy lash that is similar to having fresh lash extensions.

Huda Beauty Hoodie Lashes
Source: Huda Beauty

The Hoodie lash will be available to shop on ShopHudaBeauty.com on September 25, $19 USD. (£17/ €17.95/ 28 AUD/ 75 AED/ 1,640 INR/ 6.02 KWD)

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