It is always good to love yourself first! No, this is not called selfishness. It is purely for self-caring. And so, choosing something happy and admirable needs to get on your list. There is no doubt in picking something that makes you happy. So, be it popping-in for wholesome pani-puri or gorging plateful of biryani or just going out shopping or even choosing a homemade hair dye for grey hair. Yeah, I can imagine that doubt expression on your face especially when it comes to hair coloring. But, you don’t want to look like a old-hag when you are in your early forties… Pick something different, safe, and when it comes from your home, that becomes naturally safe for any type of application. So, hey boys and girls it’s time to look handsome and gorgeous even if you are still hitting your keyboard with online work and attending endless zoom calls for more than a year now.


Do You Feel Depressed with the Ongoing Covid Crunch?

Yes, you might be but you cannot crush yourself inside the cage where you are having to deal with your professional as well as personal lives together. It’s time to welcome some free air and opportunities when things look grey, even your hair. So, chug out the greyness and add some color to your life (starting from your hair). Welcome the idea of homemade dyes for grey hair. If you usually color your hair, you must be knowing the need for it every month.

But, if this is the first time. You can choose a naturally crafted homemade hair dye for grey hair for your hair-do.


Add Some Color to Your Life and Let Down Your Hair

If you wanna ditch the chemical-based dyes for your hair, choose a simple way to adorn your looks with homemade hair dyes for grey hair. So, if you want to know how to make hair dye at home, here is your pick. Firstly, prepare a basic dye. For this, simply brew all the herbal materials with a strong tea mixture and rinse your hair completely. If you want to keep that natural color for long. You can follow the steps below. 

  1. Mix well or mash your herbal mixture. You can use fresh ingredients or even sun-dried ingredients for a better mixture or paste. The smaller the material or the application substance, the larger will be the surface exposed to hair. Therefore create a stronger and thick paste for better usability.
  2. Now, you need to make a thick paste or a mix just like toothpaste. Hot water will open the pores of the herbs and allow more colors to be released.
  3. For making tea water, you need a large number of herbs. Add ½ cup of herbs to 2 cups water. Use hot water and make it cool for safe application. Strain the herbs out and transfer the tea water for better application.
  4. While using tea water or the herb paste, you need to be careful that you rinse it thoroughly so that no residue can harm the roots of your hair. According to the experts, this is one of the best ways. Do you want to know how to get brown hair naturally at home? Tea is a great source to attain the brown color. Even henna works well.
  5. After rinsing, if possible dry your hair under the sun. This will give your natural highlights.
  6. As these are semi-permanent ways to protect your hair from turning grey. You need to encourage its usage a few times per month.

Is Hair Dye A Suitable Way at Home?

Yes, generally this is. As all the products are from your home or your kitchen or freshly plucked, the chances of carrying chemicals are less. It would not be having any side-effect or reactions. As it would be mainly fruit-based, it won’t damage your hair. Dyes made using natural ingredients will not only help to color your hair but will also aid hair growth. Filled with enumerable nutrients, these dyes have nourishing properties.


Advantages of Hair Dye at Home

  • Helps your hair to become healthy
  • Prevents damage
  • Protects hair structure
  • Naturally moisturizes your hair
  • Treats scalp issue
  • Temporary and with no-damage
  • 100% skin-friendly

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This is also called Vegan Hair Dyes

This is a major part of sustainable fashion nowadays. Homemade dyes or ‘Vegan dyes’ are safer as these are herbal remedies for hair. They are made from vegetable ingredients like beetroots, coffee, and more without inching any damage. These homemade hair dyes for grey hair are gentler for any type of hair and scalp.

As these hair dyes do not have any lasting effect. People see them as must-chosen and opted things to look different and glamorous before stepping into their old shoes again. These are also cruelty-free and made without any animal-based products.


How to Maintain that Dye for Long?

Hair is the most popular form for adding dramatics to your overall look. As hair is importantly seen to amp up your personality. A color change gives you an opportunity that adds a playful mood without affecting the health of your hair. Homemade hair dyes for grey hair are the best way to add some change to your looks while things are still pacing up to become normal again. 

  • Do Not Wash Your Hair Properly: Yes, don’t forget that you have used homemade hair dyes for grey hair. For the next 24 hours, you cannot wash your hair thoroughly. Let the color settle down with your hair and bring out the amber of the shade.
  • Keep Heat Styling Away for Some Days: When it comes to coloring, you need to take precautions. Heat styles like straightening and blow-dry need to be skipped for few days. This is because coloring or dying will bring some dryness to your hair (even if you use herbal or branded products).
  • Say No to Hot Water: Just like heat protectant serums or straighteners, you need to also avoid hot water for your newly dyed hair. This will make your hair look dull and lose its lustre by the number of times you wash your hair in a week. Avoid applying shampoo to the length of your hair since it will rip through the color of your hair and make it dry.
  • Encourage Natural Form of Hair Masking and Conditioning: Well, as you are applying homemade hair dyes for grey hair. It becomes but obvious that you need to use a natural form of hair masking products and conditioning. This may include honey, egg, and apple cider vinegar mask, coconut oil, sugar, essential oil mask, and many more.
  • Use Natural Products for Dye Hair: While you are thinking of how to get brown hair naturally at home, you need to invest in some for buying natural products for protecting your hair from chemical damage. Starting from herbal shampoos to conditioners, you need to have basic things for keeping the dye for a longer time.