The long-awaited festival-of-colours ‘Holi’ is just nearby. Therefore, you need to know about a few Holi skin care tips. While it’s a fun festival to celebrate, the harsh Holi colours can lead to many skin problems.

Even if you use organic colours, you still need to protect your skin so that it does not get harmed from being in the sun for too long.

But, don’t have to worry. I’m here with simple skin care tips this Holi.

Be Holi-ready with these Holi Skin Care Tips 2019

1. Moisturise Your Skin

Holi Skin Care

Apply a thick layer of moisturiser all over your hair and body. This Holi skin care tip will help avoid the colours to get into the skin, thus aiding in easier removal later on. If you don’t have a good moisturiser then you can also use coconut oil.

2. Protect Your Skin from Sun

Holi Skin Care

Mostly we play Holi outdoors so we go through sun tanning, damage and sunburn. Put on a sunscreen that will protect your skin from harmful sun rays. If possible try to use a waterproof sunscreen for better protection.

3. Protect Your Lips

Holi skin care

We protect our face with sunscreen from the harmful sun rays so shouldn’t we do the same for our lips? Yes of course! Therefore, it is an essential Holi Skin care tip to apply a generous amount of lip balm with SPF 15 at least.

4. Cover up Your Body

Holi Skin Care

Choose a full-sleeve top/t-shirt/Kurta & full trousers for playing Holi. This Holi skin care tip will ensure the least possible contact between your skin & the colours. Moreover, wearing full clothes will also protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

5. Prep your nails

Holi skin care

Do not forget to take care of your nails. As that is where colours usually get accumulated & even enter your body via hands. Save your nails by keeping them short & painted with dark nail polish. Rub a little oil on the nails before touching colours as this will act as a shield and not let them stain easily.

6. Hydrate Your Body

Holi Skin Care

It is also important to hydrate yourself with enough water, fruit juices and fruits with high water content to avoid dehydration when you are out in the sun. Juices and fruits help keep you hydrated and give your skin a healthy glow from the inside.

Take Good Care of Your Skin this HOLI!

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