H&M Sustainable Fashion: High street style fashion brand is trying to bring sustainability to its upcoming collections

Imagine there are two garments to choose from both beautifully designed and of-the-moment cool, but one of them also saves the planet. What would you choose? Empowering oneself with hard information is the first step towards taking affirmative action and making choices that are environmentally conscious. Just after the news of H&M and Moschino Collaboration the brand is all set to bring up their exclusive collection which fully supports sustainability. H&M Sustainable Fashion is a long-term way of looking at style for seasons to come. The brand wants to make sure to always stay ahead of trends and offer our customers fashion and quality at the best price, in a sustainable way. The brand considers the needs of present and future generations, and their entire business must be conducted in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. All of this is important for future growth and generations.

H&M Sustainable Fashion _ Style Gods“A company of our size and scale has a responsibility as well as a great opportunity to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion and design industry. Fashion and sustainability are no longer a contradiction in terms… I believe that fashion can, and must, play a large role in a sustainable and conscious future. I think reusing and recycling is an important initiative across fashion and it’s really inspiring to see such fashion-forward designs being made from recycled materials,” says Christy Turlington. “I was really impressed by the fact that a lot of the fabrics had been basically created from scratch in order to incorporate sustainable fibres. The floral metallic jacquards, for example, are made mostly from recycled polyester, but it looks, feels and moves like a more traditional jacquard,” says Turlington. Just scroll our gallery to check their Conscious Collection. Just scroll our gallery to check glimpse of their organic collection.

After doing a lot of research and investing so much time the team designers have finally achieved some targets and plans for the brand. They have set several ambitious goals and they will continue to set new goals for a sustainable fashion future. By 2020, H&M group aims to use 100% sustainable cotton. By 2030, H&M group aims to use 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials in its products. By 2040, H&M group aims to have a climate positive value chain.

“Fashion should be about challenging the status quo.”

Time To Be Organic.

Go Organic.

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